Learn How to Manage Your Dental Practice’s Online Reputation
Learn How to Manage Your Dental Practice’s Online Reputation
At the end of the day, online reputation for dental practices is all about providing good dental experiences. At the Friendly Dental Group of Holly Springs, we have helped them to build a good online reputation for our dental practice.

Learn How to Manage Your Dental Practice’s Online Reputation

Learn How to Manage Your Dental Practice’s Online Reputation

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Every dental practitioner should know by now the importance of managing their online reputation in order to show good impression and reputable public persona.

With the continuous proliferation and evolution of the Internet, the search trend has expanded at breakneck speed. Everything became handy with a click of a button. Consumers depend on the Internet to find the best brands and services.

Like a typical consumer, patients nowadays rely on the Internet for information on the best dental services and reputable dental clinics. In the same way, dentists rely on online reviews and online reputation to get more patients.

The math is simple. If a dentist gets good reviews, there will most likely be significant growth in new patients. If there’s a bad review, it will have a negative impact and will create an adverse impression of that dental practice.

For one of our dental clients, it is very important that their website https://friendlydentalgroup.com/locations/holly-springs/ gets as many positive reviews as possible. Their website will show up on Google, Facebook, Yelp, etc. If they are not getting positive reviews on those platforms, they are missing out on an opportunity to get new patients.

That said, bad reviews can drive prospective clients away even before they contact you. While you cannot have 100% control over online reviews or prevent the others from creating negative reviews, there are ways to manage such situations. That is why managing your online reputation is crucial in your dental practice. Here are a few tips in handling online reviews:

1.   Manage your Social Media Presence

Creating your social media presence is important. But, it is far more important to manage it. Get into the habit of monitoring your patients and audience when they are on your Facebook page, Twitter account, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

Engage with them positively by posting valuable information. This will build your credibility and expertise in the industry, thus, gaining trust and confidence from your patients.

2.   Monitor Reviews and Feedback Regularly

It goes without saying that you should have a team or a staff who will be checking new reviews or comments in a timely manner.

Missing out the opportunity to respond and handle reviews real-time can have a damaging effect on your practice’s reputation.

3.   Manage Negative Reviews Positively

Let’s admit it. We cannot please everybody. Even if we exhaust all effort in providing superior dental experience, we cannot satisfy everyone. Each patient has his or her own standard of quality. That said, negative reviews are bound to happen.

The key here now is to learn how to respond positively. While there are ways to handle such situation, you need to remember these 3 crucial steps: Show you care. Always apologize – kind words always help resolve conflicts. Acknowledge the criticism and show how you value their feedback. 

Let them know that you will attend to their concern as soon as possible – and make sure you do that. Do not defend your dental practice and do not engage in an online conversation regarding the issue. Once a resolution has been met, request the patient to rectify the situation by providing an update on the review.

4.   Request Feedback or Reviews Sparingly

While it is good to get good reviews from patients and request them outright, do it carefully. Besides, if you consistently provide good dental experience, positive reviews will grow naturally.

5.   Provide good dental experience – start with the first visit

Above all, provide good dental experience to gain positive online reputation. Over the years, the power of Word of Mouth Marketing has shown the significance of positive experience in shaping good business results. According to Nielsen’s report, recommendations from family and friends through word of mouth are still the most influential form of advertising.

Hence, start creating a good first impression with new patients. They will most likely tell their own dental experience to their friends and family. At the end of the day, online reputation for dental practices is all about good dental experience.

At the Friendly Dental Group of Holly Springs, we have managed to build a good online reputation for them. With vast experience in handling patients’ feedback, their team emphasizes the importance of valuing patients’ comfort. So, if you are looking for reputable dentist in Holly Spring NC, visit https://friendlydentalgroup.com/locations/holly-springs/
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