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872 Uncovering Hidden Sugars with Grandpa Howie : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

872 Uncovering Hidden Sugars with Grandpa Howie : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

10/31/2017 8:58:21 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 265

872 Uncovering Hidden Sugars with Grandpa Howie : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

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872 Uncovering Hidden Sugars with Grandpa Howie : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

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Grandpa Howie educated some of his grandkids on just how much sugar there really is in their favorite, seemingly healthy beverages. Try this experiment at your home too and be sure to post the aftermath on


Howard: This is grandpa Howie with a few of his grandchildren. How old are you Taylor?

Taylor: Five.

Howard: How old are you Denel?

Denel: Ten.

Howard: How old are you Lexi?

Lexie: Six.

Howard: I'm trying to teach you today about hidden sugars. So grandpa always fixes cavities right? And those cavities that eat your teeth. What's the only thing they eat?

All Kids: Sugar.

Howard: Sugar, right. So is there any sugar in water?

All Kids: No.

Howard: No. So I'm going to pour all this bottled water in this bowl and then I'm going to boil that. I'm going to turn it on high and when all the water's gone, we're going to see if there's anything in there. OK? So that's water. So then I have another one. Gatorade. Now do you always hear that Gatorade is really healthy and good for you?

All Kids: Yeah.

Howard: And athletes drink it? But is there any sugar in it?

Taylor: No.

Howard: You said there's no sugar in it?. Well guess what. If you look on the label it says sugar 34 grams. Do you know what 34 grams of sugar is? Well a sugar packet, right here is three and a half grams of sugar. So all of this sugar is in here.

Denel: Whoa.

Howard: I'm going to show it you. What I want you to do, is open up all these sugar packets and pour the sugar in this glass and you're gonna actually see the sugar. Then what I'm going to do is I'm gonna pour the Gatorade in this bowl and you're going to be in charge of the Gatorade OK Lexi?

Taylor: OK.

Howard: And I'm going to turn that on high. Now Denel, how much sugar is in the Coke?

Denel: Sixty five grams.

Howard: Sixty five grams This is three and a half grams. So we divide 65 by three and a half. And it's all of this. So I want you to open up all those sugar packets and pour it in that glass and then we're going to pour this coke in this bowl and we're going to turn it on high and we're going to see if we cook out all the water, if we boil out all the water, what's left in there. And then Taylor what do you think is better for you to eat apple juice or eat an apple? You think the juice is better?

OK. Well Grandpa thinks that there is more sugar in here than there is in here and cavities only eat sugar. So it says right here forty eight grams of sugar. So that would be all of this. So I want you to open up all these packets and pour it in there and then Taylor, I'm going to pour the apple juice in here and we're going to turn this on high. And now we're going to boil the apple juice, the coke, the water and the Gatorade. So look how much sugar you're putting in there. I mean would you ever just eat that much sugar.

Denel: No. That's a lot of sugar.

Howard: That is a lot of sugar so we're boiling away. Ok, in this time lapse, we're almost getting to the bottom and this is what we talked about. What do you think has been better? To eat this apple?

Denel: Eat the apple.

Howard: Or to drink apple juice?. So this little apple juice has 18 grams of sugar. Now there's three and a half in each one of these so 18.. three and a half twice would be 7 right? Yeah. Two more would be 14. So, 14 15 16 17 and a half. So a little more than that. So here's here's the point I'm trying to say. If I told you, do you want to eat five packets of sugar, would you do that?

Denel: No.

Howard: No, but how long would it take you to drink this?

Denel: Two seconds.

Howard: Two seconds. But when you drink that in two seconds would you realize that you just ate five packets of sugar? Would you rather drink this or eat this? But it's the same and that's why what did we have you do? Eating your apple. So when you go to the store and you tell your mom "Oh will you buy me apple juice, I like apple juice" What would you do if your mom said "No, you just eat this sugar packet and drink some water with it" Would you want to do that?

All Kids: Nope.

Howard: No see, eat an apple that's natural.

Denel: Look at that water. And look at the..

And see. Now we're getting down to the bottom so look at this see the water? Look at this.

All Kids: There's no sugar.

Howard: What's in the bottom of the water?

All Kids: Nothing.

All Kids: Nothing. The water is all gone. Look at that Taylor nothing's in there. OK. We can turn it off. OK so we turned the first one off and look in the bottom.

Lexie: Nothing .

Howard: What do you see in there?

Lexie: Nothing.

Denel: Look at that Grandpa.

Howard: Yeah.

Lexie: Yeah it's starting to turn into a cake!

Howard: It's kind of weird isn't it? This kind of.. what is that?

Denel: It looks like a blueberry muffin.

Lexie: The smoke is getting everywhere! Whoa, it's starting to get everywhere in the house.

Howard: That is sugar.

Taylor: Oh it's right by us!

Lexie: There is so much smoke everywhere.

Howard: OK. So look at this. Which one was this?

Denel: Gatorade.

Howard: What do you see?

Lexie: It's so burnt.

Denel: Oh my God.

Howard: What is that?

Lexie: It's burnt.

Howard: But what is it?

All Kids: Sugar!

Howard: And look what's in the water. What is in the water?

Lexie: Nothing.

Howard: OK well thanks for doing an experiment with Grandpa on uncovering hidden sugars.

Lexie: Can we throw this away now?

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