Practice Pain Free Dentistry
Practice Pain Free Dentistry
These blogs posts and podcasts provide quality evidenced based information about the physical practice of dentistry. Learn how to practice pain free, to create healthy habits and to promote a healthy environment for your entire team.
Dr Juanita Benedict

Episode 26: Pressure, posture and pain.

Episode 26: Pressure, posture and pain.

11/7/2017 6:40:46 PM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 286

Episode 26: Pressure, posture and pain
What types of pressure create back pain in your dental practice?  How can you begin the journey to correcting your own posture while you practice and reduce the pain?

These questions and more are explored in Episode 26.

Don't forget to stop by to read more about back pain in dentistry.

Be Healthy and Practice Safely!
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