PSSST!!  The OSHA Inpector is here...

PSSST!! The OSHA Inpector is here...

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If you are a Tennessee Dental Professional listen up!  There is a new buzz in town and it may be headed your way.  It’s “a sting” of sorts---but you can get fully prepared:

Launched in October 2017, Tennessee is enforcing their meticulous “Local Emphasis Program” (LEP).  The campaign will subject all Tennessee Licensed Dentists to a random and detailed OSHA inspection.  Why?   LEP is a result of concern that arose after authorities compared a decade of healthcare data.  The results revealed 90% of TN dental offices surveyed had more than double the amount of OSHA violations, when compared to combined workplaces during that same time period.  Authorities also discovered that 319 various hazards were involved, thus the push to implement the current Local Emphasis Program to improve overall safety within the Tennessee dental workplace.  

TN OSHA will pair their new appraisal checklist with the recently revised CDC Update for Infection Control within the Dental Office Setting & International Chemical Safety Updates OSHA/GHS , in an effort to accelerate OSHA compliance throughout the State.  

How Can you best Prepare?  If you are chosen for the random audit, make sure you have the following up-to-date within your dental practice:






CDC Infection Control Update for Dental Offices


Make sure to fill-out Appendix A & B.


Blood Bourne Pathogens


This needs to be updated frequently; All employees must be trained in BBP—even non-clinical.


OSHA/ GHS Hazard Communications


Global harmonization Standards --Training & Protocols have been due to be in place since 2013.


Personal Protective Equipment


Know what to wear, when to wear it, when to replace it & how to maintain it!


Exposure Control Plan


TN OSHA may ask any team member to access this; Be sure all MSDS & SDS are in alpha-order & updated—and that they coordinate with proper labeling requirements. Include Beryllium & Silica Safety. 


Proper use, location, handling and disposal of Prohibited Materials Containers 


This would include: BMW Red Bags, Sharps, Rx Waste, Amalgam Waste.


Maintenance & Safety Logs Engineering & Work Practice Controls




TN OSHA will check these in detail; Make sure to have Annual, Quarterly, Monthly, Weekly & Daily Task listed and monitored. 


TN requires that clinical employees provide input on Safety Devices at least annually. 


Recapping Device 


TN requires that a Re-capping device be tested for use.


Vaccine Documentation & Injury Reporting


Include: HEP B Series, MMR, TDAP and follow proper reporting protocol depending on the number of employees.


OSHA Required Forms & Proof-of-Training Updates


Keep OSHA Training Records for (3) consecutive years---for all employees. 


General Duty Standard


Include also: Water Quality, Laser//Radiation Standards, Fire Safety, Posters, Sterilization / Disinfection Monitors, Ergonomics, etc.


This is a query provided by


It will help you to understand specific codes in case you have to research violation codes.




The TOSHA-Department of Labor & Workforce Development will help you accomplish what is required, but you may be subject to go through their audits.  

If you are interested in updating all of these standards without the direct scrutiny of TN OSHA Auditors, we can help.  Call or email us anytime.  

Dental Enhancements, Inc.


Team of Compliance Coaches 


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