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Dr. Steffany Mohan, DDS, owner of the Plaza Dental Group, Urbandale Smiles and Campustown Dental, is a well-know dentist in the state of Iowa, with expertise in Cosmetic Dentistry, Invisalign and Dental Implants.
Steffany Mohan DDS

Steffany Mohan DDS Iowa: My New Dentist Life

Steffany Mohan DDS Iowa: My New Dentist Life

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Dentistry has always been a personally fulfilling profession for me. It has offered me opportunities to meet new people and assist them in relieving their dental problems at the same time. Every case has presented a new set of challenges as well as a lifetime of learning; therefore, there has seldom been a dull moment. You must be committed, determined, and hardworking to excel as a dentist—these are virtues I have always tried to retain.

My Initial Stint with Dentistry

The reasons why someone would desire to become a dentist are as varied as the people themselves. However, the intense urge to help people achieve optimal dental health is the obvious universal link between all dentists

Almost halfway through my undergraduate studies in Agricultural Biochemistry from Iowa State University, I decided my calling was something different. I soon discovered and then made the leap into dentistry. I was accepted straight into dental school and earned my Doctorate of Dental Surgery (DDS) in 1996 at the University of Iowa.

How I Pursued My Career

A strong passion for helping people attain a beautiful, functional, and healthy smile paved my entry into the dental field. I began my dental practice in Iowa in 1996 by working for another practice for a little over 2 years and then continued by setting up Plaza Dental Group in 1999 with an intention to work towards changing the way people think about a dental visit. I have been fortunate enough to lead a fantastic team of skilled personnel. Their dedication and compassion towards patient care beyond our office make them an exceptional team.

Dentistry Is a Lot More Than One May Think

I believe that the work of a dentist stretches beyond the dental chair; patient education is equally as significant to dental practices as the dental procedures themselves. I always invest time in teaching good oral habits to patients. I enjoy my interactions with people of diverse ages, cultures, and personalities, which makes my average day distinct and exciting.

A good dentist must have an innate passion for their field, a progressive outlook, and good dexterity. I feel blessed to possess these virtues and retain a high level of commitment and ethics; this helps me to better handle challenging situations.

My Dentistry Journey So Far

Over the past 22 years of my dentist life, my mission has always been to offer superior dental care to my patients in a kind and comfortable atmosphere so they can get past their dental fear or anxiety. Being a dentist, I appreciate the fact that I get to use my knowledge and skills to care for patients in my dental practice. Success at boosting patient quality of life and achieving a healthy mouth and smile makes it all worthwhile. Each day is unique, as I rarely know what’s next, I seldom experience a dull day!

I feel fortunate to have been engaged in some prestigious roles, such as serving as the faculty member of OsteoReady  Implant Solutions. Although I am a staunch believer of good old-school work-principles, I am a fast learner and enjoy getting a grasp on new things. I love to mentor and coach dentists in clinical management systems and enjoy my stint as an advisor at handling implant services and management systems for over 100 different practices.

Participating in ongoing education courses helps me remain enlightened on new ways of providing the best possible dental solution to all my patients. Continually improving my skills has been helpful in getting certified in various procedures such as Invisalign®, implants and other areas of dentistry. All of my endeavors are aimed at helping my patients restore their self-esteem as well as functional abilities with a healthy and beautiful smile.

I consider community service and social service as an integral part of my career and devote ample time towards giving back in any way I can. The opportunity to stay active on several media platforms to express my stance on various dental topics has enriched and multiplied the excitement of my journey as a dentist so far.

Author Bio

Steffany Mohan
Degree: DDS
Experience: 20+ Years
Location: West Des Moines, IA 50266
Practice: Plaza Dental Group

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