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If anyone still has NEXUS newsletters from Avrom King I am interested in learning more and purchasing. Please email me
 Minneapolis , MN
 3 days ago
Looking to purchase general practice in Manhattan with specified criteria below: ~$1,000,000 in gross income, PPO/FFS/no medicaid or managed care...
$500,000.00 OBO
 New York, NY
 12 days ago
I am interested in buying a dental practice in Eastern North Carolina that has a minimum of 5 operatories and is collecting at least $700,000.
 North Carolina, US
 16 days ago
I am a general dentist who is looking to work with then transfer to ownership. Five plus years of experience. Open to all opportunities Would...
 Old Lyme, CT
 16 days ago
Hello Dental Town, I am a young dentist with 3 years of clinically experience. I currently practice in Tampa and am looking to make the next step...
 Tampa, FL
 19 days ago
Hi, I am interested in purchasing dental buildings in different locations in the US (no specified location for as long as I like the space). Bank...
 Raleigh, NC
 19 days ago
I am interested in buying dental practices in Broward, Ft Lauderdale, Davie, Plantation, Coral Springs, or Margate area. Purchase will be made in...
 Florida, US
 19 days ago
This Kerr product is no longer made, and I am looking to replace the PeroStar 3000 that I own now, It comes with sharpening stones and other...
 Mason City, IA
 25 days ago
I'm an associate dentist with 5+ years of practice experience looking to purchase my own practice in Texas. I have solid financing options and a...
 Texas, US
 30 days ago
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