dentistry unplugged
dentistry unplugged
Since 1984 Warren Bobinski has been involved in every aspect of the business of dentistry. From owning a dental supply house to starting a scratch dental clinic. Operations, marketing to managment and investment.
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“Investors should purchase stocks like they purchase groceries, not like they purchase perfume.”  ~Ben Graham I started performing business valuations and appraisals in the 1980’s era.   It was intriguing to watch so many private sales at the time in our market.  Practices were selling for...  Read More
“Creative risk-taking is essential to success in any goal where the stakes are high. Thoughtless risks are destructive, of course, but perhaps even more wasteful is thoughtless caution which prompts inaction and promotes failure to seize opportunity.” ~Gary Ryan Blair One late, dark, cold...  Read More
So you are prepared to budget your home expenses.  Drive that car a little longer.  Stay in that rental apartment or smaller home.  Delay starting the new family.   Sounds like you are ready.   Having been involved in opening several hundred operatories over the last 3 decades – I have seen it...  Read More
Creative Juxtapositions...brilliant mastery of words in a dark world?
Welcome to blogging 101.   A world that can be terrifyingly simple.  Grab a few thoughts and a microphone and blab away.   Create a Youtube channel.  Flip on the “LIVE” button on your Facebook or Instagram TV.  The world wants to know your thoughts.   If you hit the right buttons at the...  Read More
Dentists learn dentistry, corporations learn business
We need entrepreneurs in dentistry!  How will independent start up clinics learn to compete in the new world - the business of dentistry? Understanding the value of your BUSINESS, comparing to other businesses.   Why valuations's all about the story and the potential....but also free...  Read More
Increasing your value, why corporations want to buy your clinc
A Canadian centric podcast, finally! In just a few short years, Corporations have gone from a small presence in Canadian Dental clinics to a Billion dollars worth of dentistry!  If owning a dental clinic is NOT a good business, then why would corporations want to own these businesses? Here is...  Read More
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