Electronic Real-Time Eligibility Verification & X-ray Integration
Electronic Real-Time Eligibility Verification & X-ray Integration
How to leave a paper based insurance system to becoming an electronic based payment system to achieve better cash flow.

Five Challenges of Dental ERA Data
                        No one likes change. Change presents a new challenge for many Dental practices and developing the proper procedures for new methods of receiving and handling remittance data can certainly be challenging.                                       Remittance (ERA) data is...  Read More
In the era of the corona virus pandemic, it’s more important than ever for revenue cycle management to operate at maximum efficiency. Many practices are facing economic uncertainty and cannot afford any additional fiscal leakage.  These are unprecedented times for Providers, which will require more...  Read More
How to Achieve better cash flow with EFT Payments
                        Know the three key players in the EFT process (provider,clearinghouse & payer)                          Implement technology that will make office more efficient to achieve Administrative Simplification and to free up front desk to focus on patients                      ...  Read More
Connecting the Dots of EFT & ERA in Dentistry.
 To help Dental industry providers recognize and realize the benefits of automation using the healthcare EFT standard and ERA, this technology proved that practices of all sizes can achieve cost savings and benefits from converting their claims reimbursements payments from paper checks to the EFT...  Read More
Electronic Real-Time Eligibility Verification & X-ray Integration
It may not be surprising to learn that two-thirds of denied dental claims are linked to eligibility issues. Many of those errors are found in either a failure to check eligibility or the use of inaccurate eligibility data. That is why verification is an important step, even for existing patients....  Read More
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