SportingSmiles Dental Blog
SportingSmiles Dental Blog
In this blog we talk everything about custom dental retainers, to teeth whitening, to custom night guarding guards. Https:// is our website and we have been manufacturing custom dental products since 2009.

As their customer base continued to grow,  company needed a new business model to satisfy the needs of customers. Founded in 2009 in Brookfield, Wisconsin, SportingSmiles took the next step to their dental production in 2018 when the company invested in 3D Printing. It was an easy decision for CEO...  Read More
As the dental industry continues to evolve and grow, there will be a wave of new technology and software to choose from. , and other variety of dental products since 2009 turned to 3D printing in 2018. The move has paid off as the company has seen monumental growth over the past few years.  3D...  Read More
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