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Oral Healthcare Research & Education Blog
A blog to share the latest news and research on preventing, diagnosing and treating oral disorders. Committed to improving the quality of dental healthcare services.
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The Dangers of Tooth Fillings
Mouth and teeth health is a crucial aspect of overall well-being, although most adults and children alike dread a visit to the dentist. Whether it is due to a traumatic experience involving a tooth issue or an unknown underlying fear, dental visits often come with hesitation and avoidance. Once a...  Read More
Dental Issues and Ear Pain
Adults experiencing ear pain are common among a variety of doctor, dentist, and specialist offices in any given year. The discomfort that comes with pain around the ear can be significant, leaving some patients debilitated and unsure about the underlying issue causing the pain. While most ear pain...  Read More
Misdiagnosing Ear Pain: Is it an Infection or TMJ?
It’s quite common for adults to visit the doctor’s office with complaints of pain coming from the ear. It’s equally common for that pain to be quickly associated with an adult ear infection, either from the patient or the primary care doctor making a fast assumption. An makes...  Read More
Reasons Behind Dreading Dentist Visits
One of the first things people see when meeting someone is his or her smile. The whiter the teeth, the straighter the grin, and the fresher the breath, the better. It’s a confidence-booster to have a strong, healthy smile, and the gums and teeth that make that possible, but only half of...  Read More
The 4 Most Common Mistakes Made by Dental Hygienists
Dental hygienists play a significant role in the care and comfort of patients visiting a dental office for routine or emergency care. In most cases, patients can expect to receive the highest quality care from dental hygienists and the dentists for whom they work. However, the human element of...  Read More
Why Oral Cancer Screenings are Growing in Importance
Despite the majority of cases being highly preventable, the rate of oral cancer diagnosis in the UK has risen steadily in recent years. Data from Cancer Research UK cites slightly more than 11,000 cases of head and neck cancer reported each year – an increase of 30% over the last two...  Read More
Advancing Dental Patient Safety throughout the UK
Several initiatives aimed at improving the quality of care throughout the UK have been proposed and implemented over the last few years. In response to growing concerns over the number of adverse incidents affecting patients across a wide range of medical practices, patient advocacy groups in...  Read More
Using Surgical Safety Checklists to Protect Dental Patients from Never Events
While advancements in medical practice and broad healthcare standards have been increasing at a relatively steady rate over the course of the last two decades, there are a myriad of instances where routine procedures go awry. Whether due to miscommunication with the patient, a lack of training, or...  Read More
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