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Samera Business Advisors
Samera Business Advisors
Samera Business Advisors are leading UK Dental Business Advisors. On this blog, we share our tips, ideas and expertise to our readers across the UK and beyond. This blog is a must-read for dentists seeking to buy, build, or sell a dental practice.
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Is Your Dental Practice's Cash Flow a Bit Stretched at this Time of Year?
Your cashflow can be stretched at this time of year due to several things;             A slowdown in business over the holiday period.             Extra payments due, such as tax.             Cashflow has been used to buy equipment / cars for the business etc. All of these can be covered with...  Read More
Tax Payments for Dentists in 2019
As we start 2019, your accountants will be letting you know what taxes you must pay and the dates by which the payments are due. If you have not put enough aside to cover the tax liability, or you have had a great year and the liability is higher than expected, you can spread the cost by taking a...  Read More
The Success of Bootcamp 2018
The Setting up in Practice Bootcamp 2019  is fast approaching on January 25th in London. With 20 clients booked in, I thought it would be interesting to reflect on the last Bootcamp, held in Manchester, when we had a similar number of attendees. So, of the 20 attendees, what progress did clients...  Read More
Webinar – The Language of Communication
Smita and I were privileged to have Dr Barry Oulton share his expertise on the language of communication on a recent webinar. Barry is a very experienced private dentist and an excellent communicator, in this webinar he shares his tips and tools on communicating in dental practice.   Read More
What 2018 Taught Me and How to Handle 2019
I felt writing a blog post that really reflected how I am feeling as we enter the dusk of 2018. For many years, I never thought I would make it to 45 years old (but I did back in February) as my mum never made it past that age – so for many years let’s say I just had a few “issues” feeling that I...  Read More
Recorded Webinar: Incorporating your Property Portfolio to Save Tax
In this recorded webinar Arun and Chris discuss all the tax aspects that must be considered when incorporating your property portfolio into a Limited Company. Significant tax can be saved through property incorporation, please watch the webinar and if you have any questions please get in touch....  Read More
Dental Volunteering with Bridge2Aid (B2A)
Almost 48 hours after leaving London Heathrow, we arrived in Chato, a 5-hour drive from Mwanza, on Lake Victoria. Exhausted, yet excited, we had taken 3 planes (an A380 as well as a Dreamliner for the plane geeks), a ferry and enjoyed a bumpy 5-hour safari drive in our trusty Toyota Landcruiser to...  Read More
Streamline your Dental Practice Finances & Accounting
After 15 years of working with dental practices and through owning dental practices myself, it is evident across the entire industry that so many practices are using out of date procedures and technology to run their finances in their practice. Gone are the days of handwritten ledgers, updating...  Read More
Is it really that easy to start, build and sell a dental group?
                                       Across the UK an interesting phenomenon is occurring in the UK Dental landscape, more and more dental groups are emerging all in search of quality dental practices to purchase. Searching high and low for quality dental practices that will contribute to...  Read More
Inheritance Tax Issues
40% is the rate of  due on the chargeable value of an estate for any dentists, above the nil-rate band. That is a substantial amount of money to pay and can often mean having to sell an asset just to pay the tax due. The current nil-rate band of £325,000 has been extended by an additional £100,000...  Read More
How Not to Sell Your Dental Practice
Mistakes to avoid  There are several factors to consider when preparing a . It is important to understand how not to sell your dental practice. There are frequent mistakes that sellers make that can compromise the sale of their dental practices. How NOT to sell your dental practice  The first...  Read More
How to Sell a Dental Practice in 9 Steps
If you are wondering what are the proper steps on how to  agents will help guide you through the process. Step One: Work out your timeline to sell your dental practice When are you looking to sell your dental practice? Is it in the next 12 months, or is it in 3-4 years time? Are you thinking of...  Read More
Finance and Business Loans to Buy a Dental Practice
One of the most important skills in your personal and business life is learning how to manage your . If you can manage this skill well, you will then be on the path to obtain finance and business loans to buy a dental practice. When you are seeking a loan to , banks and lenders will look at your...  Read More
Selling your Dental Practice to a Corporate - 5 Mistakes to Avoid
, Head of Practice Sales at Samera, shares 5 crucial mistakes to avoid.                                                                  In the ever increasingly busy world of , we have noticed how there is a newcomer on a weekly basis claiming to be your new best buddy, tax advisor,...  Read More
7 Learning Points I wish I had known before selling my first dental practice
Back in 2013, we sold our first dental practice. Since 2004, we had built 3 private dental squats from scratch and then in 2013 sold one of our practices. This post is about our experience and details 7 points we wish we had known before , and how we would do things differently now.          ...  Read More
Why Dentists Want Their Own Practice
   The journey of a lifetime Owning a dental practice is the most rewarding phase of your professional life. By providing essential health care and cosmetic dental treatments to the general public, you will grow as a dentist and help to build your community. With your own practice, you are able to...  Read More
Why Dentists want their own Dental practice
The journey of a lifetime Owning a dental practice is the most rewarding phase of your professional life. By providing essential health care and cosmetic dental treatments to the general public, you will grow as a dentist and help to build your community. With your own practice, you are able to...  Read More
13 Steps to Setting up Your own Successful Dream Dental Practice
Back in 2004, when many dentists were bumbling along with the old NHS contract, we decided to open up a squat dental practice. No experience of setting up a dental practice, just plain business ideas and clinical knowledge to back us up. Most dentists we spoke to said we were mad not trying for an...  Read More
10 Tax Saving Tips for Dentists
The tax year saw many new changes in tax legislation and planning ahead is more important than ever to ensure you work within the rules to not miss out on a tax saving opportunity. Tax for dentists is a complex area that requires specialist tax knowledge about dentistry. Our team possesses this...  Read More
Dental Practice Retirement & Transition Planning
Are you ready to retire? We all dream of living out our golden years as the captain of our own ship – free from the stress and frustration of managing a successful dental practice, and finally able to pursue our other passions. After decades of toil and service to the medical community, you deserve...  Read More

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