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Tips for the Young Dentist
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Boosting Your Google Reviews Rapidly

Boosting Your Google Reviews Rapidly

10/28/2018 8:44:08 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 28
Today, my blog post is a short one but the information will make a MASSIVE difference for you.

14 days ago, I decided to try a few techniques for increasing the number of Google Reviews I have for my dental practice.  Google reviews appear to be the #1 ranking system that contributes to your webpage rank in search results on Google.  Additionally, when you appear in search results, your Google Review Rating is by far most visible.  People see this review before reviews on Facebook, Yelp, RateMDs, etc.,.  There are numerous online reputation management companies that can offer to help you accumulate more online reviews and bolster your reputation.  I decided to try on my own first, and here's what I found.

Approach #1:  Verbal Requests

I have a very good relationship with about 250 patients at my office.  I would consider these people friends.  I go out for lunch with some of these people.  I go out for coffee with some of these people.  I reached out to them by phone or in person at the office and asked if they wouldn't mind providing an online review of our services.  The verbal request was brief, outlined the importance of online feedback and most of them responded positively to my request.


Fewer than 10% of the patients whom I asked verbally for a review actually went home and left a review of my practice.  I strongly believe that this approach failed because it relies on people going home and remembering to leave the feedback that I was looking for.  Too much time elapses between request and result, when you use this technique.  There are better ways to minimize barriers to obtaining feedback.  There are better ways to minimize the amount of time between the request and the opportunity to leave feedback.

Approach #2:  Online Passive/Indirect Requests

I started to follow up with patients post-operatively, by e-mail.  I included a footer at the bottom of these e-mails imploring the patient to:  "Let us know how we did, today".  This was followed by links to our Google Reviews Page, our RateMDs page, etc., that they could click on to quickly access our page and leave a rating.

Not a single patient left feedback in response to my passive request approach.  I was surprised and had expected a better response compared to my verbal request approach.  I thought that removing barriers by providing a direct link to our online review pages would increase patients' willingness to leave feedback.  What I failed to realize was the power of being direct and explaining to the patient the importance of leaving feedback for us.

Approach #3:  Online Direct Requests

I spent a 1-hour lunch scrolling through our patient list to find patients whom I know are extremely fond of our practice.  These are patients with whom I have a wonderful rapport.  I wrote an 8-10 sentence template including a link to our Google Reviews page, began tweaking it slightly for each patient, and sent all messages out during that same lunch period.  1 hour of work, total.  I e-mailed 60 patients in total.  And the results were HUGE.


Boom.  29 Google Reviews in under 14 days.  Almost 50% of the patients to whom I reached out left reviews.  If you are asking your patients for reviews personally, this is the way to do it.

I have since developed a habit to continue the influx of online reviews.  I now send a follow up e-mail to new patients to ask them how they liked the service that we provided to them at our office.  A patient comes in with a cusp fracture?  Fix the tooth, share some before and after photos, and follow up for online feedback same-day.  New patient emergency, pain & abscess?  Deliver the pulpectomy or extraction, get them out of pain, and follow up for online feedback same-day.  Don't wait.  2 weeks later they will feel far less grateful and the feeling of indebtedness they have will diminish over time.  This approach has also been working wonderfully for me.

Spend some extra time, reach out to your patients for online feedback, and you'll be surprised at the rewards you will reap.  I focus on accumulating reviews on Google and RateMDs.  I have had numerous extensive positive reviews hidden by Yelp and still cannot understand how they determine that a review should be "recommended" based on their software/algorithm.  Increasing your volume of positive online feedback will bring you new patients and boost your productivity.

Have a great weekend!

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