Tips for the Young Dentist
Tips for the Young Dentist
Suggestions for connecting with your patients, disarming them, building trust and goodwill that will last! I will also include business and treatment planning tips I've picked up along the way.
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I haven't made a post for a while and wanted to provide a quick note about the power of cleaning up your online directory listings or citations.  I always like to base my content on personal experience because fellow dentists often want to know: "Did that work for you?". About a week ago, I signed...  Read More
New Dentists:  Dress for Success!
In my first 3-4 years as a Dentist, and prior to purchasing my own practice, I found one of the biggest challenges to be earning patients' trust and respect as a young practitioner.  Adding to the magnitude of the challenge is the fact that people have always told me that I look very young for my...  Read More
Online Marketing:  The Ground-Up Approach
I have spent the last 6 months looking for an Online Marketing Agency with whom to partner.  My goal is a simple one: just like every other dentist on planet earth, I would like more traffic to my website so that I can gain more new patients and grow my practice.  I have spent over a hundred hours...  Read More
Before You Spend 25K a Year on Internet Marketing...
A short post this month to reinforce the simplicity and power of internal marketing for referrals... If you've been at a Dental Practice, as an Owner or Associate, for 2-3 years or more, you have probably formed bonds with some of your patients.  You know which people really like you and the work...  Read More
How Micro-Managing Increased My Profits
Last time, I talked to you about how to effectively ask your patients to post online reviews for your practice.  The take-home message was: Contact them in a way that makes it as easy as possible for them to leave a review for you.  Remove barriers.  Arrange it so that they click a link, leave a...  Read More
Boosting Your Google Reviews Rapidly
Today, my blog post is a short one but the information will make a MASSIVE difference for you. 14 days ago, I decided to try a few techniques for increasing the number of Google Reviews I have for my dental practice.  Google reviews appear to be the #1 ranking system that contributes to your...  Read More
I graduated from Dental School in 2012.  After practicing as an associate for over 3 years, I purchased an established dental practice, , in Kitchener, Ontario.  While my first year as an Associate provided great opportunity for exploring patient expectations and psychology, I was so focused on...  Read More
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