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Useful Applications for Family Practices

Useful Applications for Family Practices

2/22/2019 5:31:47 PM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 22

Technology has opened the business playing field for participants who lacked any kind of opportunity before – such as family dental practices. For example, many small businesses can’t afford to hire more than one or two people. Their productivity suffers as a result. However, apps and programs continue to eliminate the need for many jobs, thereby cutting costs and boosting productivity. Some of those apps will be listed here, but consider checking out these other examples of small business tools that can really help streamline your non-dental efforts.

1. Google Sheets

An easy way to make use of the ever-ubiquitous Gmail account, Google Sheets allows business owners to share their documents with employees and view their edits in real time. It’s an excellent way to keep track of what’s really going on and ensure that employers don’t accidentally overwrite each other’s work. Google Sheets also allows for scripts to be written and run that will organize data or print off statistics. The script editor functions a lot like avaScript, with some differences. However, the relative speed of the program and the amount of storage space is unbeatable.

2. Trello

Often associated with wedding and event planning, Trello has a user-friendly drag and drop interface that allows for unlimited customization. It’s simple, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to learn. Employees can comment on posts, add checklists, and create a board that works for them. Don’t get too bogged up with the hundreds of different design elements but focus on making Trello work for you.

3. Square

Used for point of sale purchases, Square allows businesses to charge customers without expensive fees. The card reader simply plugs into devices through the audio jack. Although card readers that operate through cell phones were originally the only option, Square now operates more frequently through the Square Stand and other less portable, more durable options. Square offers a fantastic alternative to bulky cash registers and expensive chip readers. With a wide array of options, they have really become one of the most essential small business management tools.

4. Wave

Wave is an accounting program geared toward small businesses. Wave allows you to track your income and expenses and can also bundle them into one package, regardless of the number of your accounts. They also have separate programs to send out invoices, receive payments, or manage your payroll. Essentially, Wave performs all the functions you would need out of a finance app for a small business.

5. Eventbrite Organizer

Eventbrite serves as a fast, inexpensive way to organize events. It takes minutes to create an event and sell tickets. Eventbrite also helps you promote your event through social media and email. They also provide you with detailed statistics on your event and the final outcomes, both with sales and attendance.


Also known as the Instagram scheduling app, UNUM allows Instagram users to create the perfect feed, an important aspect of social media marketing. Anticipating what an Instagram feed will look like before you post is difficult, and UNUM understands that. That’s why they provide a grid for you to fill out for you to arrange potential feed layouts, and then you can pick your favorite. UNUM also reminds you to post photos once you’ve chosen. Instagram branding has never been easier.

7. Deliveries

The app Deliveries is most useful for businesses that send out a lot of packages through services such as Amazon or eBay. Even if your packages are being mailed through different carriers, Deliveries will list all your packages and estimated delivery times in the same spot. That way, you can know where every package is going all at once instead of having to check multiple applications.


Applications are key to a successful business in the modern world. The mom and pop shops of the past still exist, they have simply evolved. An employer with only a few employees can compete on a much bigger level so long as they find the right tools for the job. Hopefully, this article has helped you become one step closer to finder the tools that work best for you.

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