From One Hygienist to Another
From One Hygienist to Another
This blog will be all about practical advice, from taking care of your own teeth to providing better client care at work!
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Best Ways to Stay in Shape When you Have a Sitting Job
The inability to stay fit is very common among those who have busy schedules. On the off chance that you spend a large portion of your weekdays sitting down, health and wellness probably aren't simple to work into your everyday life. You may think it's difficult to keep yourself fit and healthy...  Read More
The Importance Of Organizing And Protecting Health Information
Protected Health Information When an individual visits hospital they develop a health record and this health record can contain all of your personal information. The information that is found in this health record is social security number, birthday, address, medical history, and much more. In a...  Read More
4 Things To Get Your Customers To Pay Their Dental Bills
When working in the dental industry it can be a hassle to get your customers to pay their bills if they don't have insurance. The good news is that there are a variety of techniques and tactics you can use to get your customers to pay what they owe, and keep your business going. Let's take a look...  Read More
Be The Best Dental Hygienist
Become A Dental HygienistDo you want to become a dental hygienist? This is a very helpful and respectful profession that enables you to help others love their smile more! So, you want to be the best. That's also great! There are many contributing factors that help today's dental hygienist become...  Read More
4 Tips For Maintaining Great Hygiene
Introduction:When we think of hygiene, we think of some of the most basic aspects of self-care. Yet it’s astonishing to see how many of these simple tasks are overlooked on a daily basis. This can be a result of simple forgetfulness, but these common aspects of personal hygiene are absolutely...  Read More
Categories: hygiene, #dentalhygiene
Top 5 Benefits of A Good PACS Software
There is no doubt that technology has had some significant impacts on life today. Various sectors can attribute their efficiency, effectiveness, and increased production to advanced technology. There are tools, equipment, and software that handle everything that was previously manually handled. One...  Read More
Health Benefits to Removing Wisdom Teeth
What are wisdom teeth?Wisdom teeth in teenagers are officially known as the third molars and are the last teeth to grow at the age between 15 – 18 years. They are the ones at the very far end of the mouth, neighboring to your molars and near to the throat. A person grows four wisdom teeth, two at...  Read More
Best Dental Products For Better Dental Health
Having a great smile doesn't come easy for most people. Unless you were born with a great set of teeth, you may have to precede with some dental work to get your teeth where they need to be. On the other hand, maintaining good dental health isn't really an expensive cost if you're able to stay...  Read More
Tips to Killing Your Interview as a Dental Hygienist
Becoming a dental hygienist is a great career move that can keep things pretty secure for you throughout your life. However, there is quite a bit of competition when it comes to this field. There are certain things that you will need to do in order to become the best dental hygienist you can be....  Read More
Categories: interview, Education
How To Get More Frequent Visits From Dental Patients
As a dentist, you provide two main types of services for customers. There are emergency repair services when painful cavities happen. Then, there's the routine maintenance that gets done semi-annually. While you may desire that all of your customers request both types of services, this is not...  Read More
How to Whiten Your Teeth Naturally
One of the first things that people notice about you is your smile. That is why having white and healthy looking teeth is so important to so many people. Problem is, it is so easy to stain your teeth with some of your favorite foods. Did you know that wine and coffee could be a reason for your...  Read More
What to Know About Billing in Your Practice
Medical billing refers to a payment practice where healthcare providers including dentists, orthopedists, nurses, and doctors submit and follow up claims after sending them to the insurance companies. It speeds up payment for services rendered such as investigation and treatment. Medical billing...  Read More
Categories: Medical Billing
Tips to Moving Your Career Along as a Dental Hygienist
You need to learn to do a lot of things to qualify as a professional dental hygienist. Though most people often focus on the technical side of assisting dentists, assessing oral health, cleaning teeth, and x-rays, there is more to being a professional dental hygienist. Recent research has revealed...  Read More
Historical Hygiene and New Habits
Hygiene. Since indoor plumbing, basic hygiene practices have been a part of our everyday lives. Hectic schedules and busy lifestyles can make it easy to justify rushing out the door without taking time to take care of yourself, but many are more likely to miss a meal than to skip their hygiene...  Read More
How to Have A Good Dental Bedside Manner
More people dread going to the dentist much more than any other healthcare professional, yet it is important to get a checkup every 6 months minimum. Maybe so many people have dental issues nowadays because they are also scared to get to the dentist for check-ups. A great dentist can persuade...  Read More
Taking Your Work from Quantity to Quality
We live in a modern era where society is constantly aiming to find the quickest way to do something. Through utilizing their time wisely by taking on several chores at once and multitasking, some things can get done efficiently. However, when it comes to your work, it's important to not use any...  Read More
6 Ways Dental Hygienists Can Improve Their Careers
The dental industry can be a very competitive professional field. This is a field where you will have to work on a regular basis to make sure that you are outshining your competition. If you are not willing to push hard to create greatness in your career as a dental hygienist, you will be left...  Read More
Useful Applications for Family Practices
Technology has opened the business playing field for participants who lacked any kind of opportunity before – such as family dental practices. For example, many small businesses can’t afford to hire more than one or two people. Their productivity suffers as a result. However, apps and programs...  Read More
The Best DIY Remedies For A Whiter Smile
As we age, our teeth naturally become less white. The enamel on our teeth eventually wears away and can reveal a yellowish tint underneath. Luckily, there are a number of remedies that can transform yellow or discolored teeth into healthier, whiter teeth. Many of these treatments are very effective...  Read More

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