From One Hygienist to Another
From One Hygienist to Another
This blog will be all about practical advice, from taking care of your own teeth to providing better client care at work!
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Importance of Children’s Nutrition for Cleaner Teeth
If you have a child, you know how important it is to ensure your child gets the nutrition they need. Unfortunately, trying to sort through all the information out there can be confusing. Early childhood is a crucial time to ensure your child establishes healthy eating patterns. Giving your child a...  Read More
Diet and Health Tips That Will Keep Your Teeth Clean
Dancing requires a good amount of energy along with an enduring use of muscles. It is important to make sure you are eating properly to prevent injury, better performance, and recover quickly. This will also be very beneficial to your body while doing so. The world of dancing involves many body...  Read More
How to Know if You Can Trust Your Dentist
You already know you want your dentist to be someone that you can trust with your teeth. He or she should be knowledgeable, know how to keep you comfortable during procedures, and be experienced at any procedure you may require. What you might not realize is that trusting your dentist goes beyond...  Read More
Categories: Public Health
How to Create the Right Company Culture for Your Dentistry Business
While company culture might not be the first thing that many think about when it comes to what makes the ideal workplace, culture can often have a significant impact on a workplace environment. Additionally, while poor company culture can make a place difficult to work in, the right culture can in...  Read More
Helpful Tips for Protecting Electronic Health Records
There’s no question that the value of healthcare data is still high today. It’s also true that healthcare organizations are now considered “prime targets” for cybercriminals. The methods used by these nefarious individuals to wreak havoc and make a profit off of compromised records include the...  Read More
How to Keep Your Hair Moisturized
When thinking about hair care and having healthy strands, one of the most important factors in maintaining your hair is its moisture. Dry hair can cause a myriad of problems, as well as make your hair appear dull and straw-like. Here are some tips for ensuring your hair is moisturized and looking...  Read More
Categories: Hygiene
Tips For Using Digital Technology to Make Your Office Run Smoother
Attracting new patients to a dental practice can be a difficult task. First of all, few people think of advertising as being an important part of any medical field. However, patients must be informed of the services you offer and how you can meet their needs at your facility. Therefore, spreading...  Read More
How To Quickly Grow Your Dentist Office
You went to school for years, fulfilled your clinical requirements and passed the state exam to . Now that you have your own practice, how are you going to make the most of it? To quickly grow your practice, follow these six steps. Identify Your Target  Decide which aspects of dentistry you prefer...  Read More
Miracle creams, magic serums, and wonder potions inundate us every day with their promises for smooth, supple, beautiful skin.  Depending on our unique skin makeup and our needs, it can be quite confusing to find something that works for us day in, day out. To maintain the integrity and youth of...  Read More
How to Start a Successful Dental Office
Most dentists see their new office bringing in lots of patients and them leaving satisfied. However, as with most businesses, there must be a reason why patients enjoy coming to your dentist office. Your plan must be clear in order for you to reach the success you want. Consider these things about...  Read More
Focusing on Improving Client Health Care With Technology Innovations
Innovations within healthcare are constantly improving what care patients receive. There are several, but some are either currently making care better or will in the future. People should pay attention, as they will be able to help themselves more. Looking at the technologies will show people that...  Read More
Importance of The HR Department In a Dentistry Company
Introduction Every successful company has a human resource department because they understand the value and essence of the department. You should ensure that your business has this department if it is missing. This is because the hr department undertakes some of the most essential responsibilities...  Read More
Skin Cleanliness: How to maintain hygiene with your Skin
No matter if you're a man or a woman, having smooth, soft clear skin is very important in our society. People everyday, people spend millions of dollars around the world to buy skin care products and see if it fits their skin needs. But unfortunately, only half of the skin care on the market...  Read More
6 Incredible Ways to Naturally Improve Your Hygiene
As the earth gets older and older, more people are deciding to take action to preserve not only themselves but the planet as well. Eco-friendly living is becoming more sought after by people of all generations in modern times. Living in a sustainable way can affect every aspect of life, even the...  Read More
How To Stay Happy and Productive When Your Job is Stressful
We've all had those weekends where we spend hours devouring self-improvement blogs and videos. We decide that we're going to commit to self-care and bettering ourselves. However, by the time Monday has come and gone, work has left you so exhausted that the idea of going to the gym or reading a...  Read More
How To Help Your Practice Grow as a Hygienist
Working as a hygienist is a great way to connect with patients while providing individuals with care and treatment each day. When you are working as a hygienist in a doctor or dentist's office, knowing how to spread the word of your services and location is essential. When you are unable to reach...  Read More
DIY Mouthwash and Toothpaste
You may have just started your all natural journey or you may be seasoned and have some experience under your belt. Either way, it is good to know what all can be done by yourself at home so you do not have to buy products from the store. Making your own mouthwash and toothpaste is a great place...  Read More
Making Your Office Comfortable
The trend in dentistry is moving away from the reliance on managed health care for a steady but mediocre quality of work. Patients want the and are willing to pay a premium for it. This means that dentists have to find a niche in the market that makes their dental practice superior to anything...  Read More
Tips when working in dentistry
Working in the dentistry industry can be quite stressful and might require effort every day. It is a very respectable field of work and you can contribute to society a great deal when you are working in the dentistry industry. Working in dentistry can be a very wise career choice and you can have...  Read More
Best Ways to Stay in Shape When you Have a Sitting Job
The inability to stay fit is very common among those who have busy schedules. On the off chance that you spend a large portion of your weekdays sitting down, health and wellness probably aren't simple to work into your everyday life. You may think it's difficult to keep yourself fit and healthy...  Read More
The Importance Of Organizing And Protecting Health Information
Protected Health Information  When an individual visits hospital they develop a health record and this health record can contain all of your personal information. The information that is found in this health record is social security number, birthday, address, medical history, and much more. In...  Read More
4 Things To Get Your Customers To Pay Their Dental Bills
When working in the dental industry it can be a hassle to get your customers to pay their bills if they don't have insurance. The good news is that there are a variety of techniques and tactics you can use to get your customers to pay what they owe, and keep your business going. Let's take a look...  Read More
Be The Best Dental Hygienist
Become A Dental Hygienist Do you want to become a dental hygienist? This is a very helpful and respectful profession that enables you to help others love their smile more! So, you want to be the best. That's also great! There are many contributing factors that help today's dental hygienist become...  Read More
4 Tips For Maintaining Great Hygiene
Introduction: When we think of hygiene, we think of some of the most basic aspects of self-care. Yet it’s astonishing to see how many of these simple tasks are overlooked on a daily basis. This can be a result of simple forgetfulness, but these common aspects of personal hygiene are absolutely...  Read More
Top 5 Benefits of A Good PACS Software
There is no doubt that technology has had some significant impacts on life today. Various sectors can attribute their efficiency, effectiveness, and increased production to advanced technology. There are tools, equipment, and software that handle everything that was previously manually handled....  Read More
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