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Since 1984 Warren Bobinski has been involved in every aspect of the business of dentistry. From owning a dental supply house to starting a scratch dental clinic. Operations, marketing to managment and investment.
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What's the value of relationship?

4/6/2019 11:16:55 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 56
"Nowadays people know the price of everything, and the value of nothing..."
~Oscar Wilde

This is the TRUE VALUE of any relationship, appreciation!
I first met Atul after he graduated in 2008 when he was working as an associate at Riverbend Dental. 

I feel blessed.

Through the last decade, I have worked with Dr. Atul Dhir and watched as he went from associate to owner.  He introduced me to Dr. Sokomony Sun and Dr. Sean St. Marie.  Atul secured an associate position with my friend Dr. Tim Pierce and secondly with  a very close friend of mine Dr. Wes Antosh.  Atul many years at Lakewood Dental in Saskatoon.  

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Over time, I had the opportunity to introduce Dr. Dhir Sun to a long friend of mine that owned a rural clinic - Dr. William Prokopishin.  "Dr. Bill" was a particular, long established dentist with a decades long career (ie: he was still working in his 70's!).  
Dr Bill had considered retirement for many years but wanted the RIGHT people to own his clinic....

It was a good introduction!

Since then Atul and his partners have opened and purchased 2 more locations.  The partnership, the friendship we have developed have led to many opportunities - for all of us!! 

I'm not surprised to see the thankful patients, because even as his "dental cotton roll broker" I am thankful!!

Wayne Sakowsky - one of the longest service tehcnicians I know!

I can’t say thankyou enough for all the times my technician Wayne got on the road to head somewhere after everyone else is going home.  It's his dedication to helping out our customers that helps me succeed! I see that! I appreciate that....we are truly in this together!  A recent post on Facebook featuring Wayne is the MOST POPULAR and LIKED post I have ever had!  This guy is WANTED and LOVED!  No doubt because of his incredible work ethic and skills...

MVP Wayne keeps our offices running at critical times!
Wayne often he leaves early morning when everyone else was sleeping - just to make sure a customer had equipment that would work during THEIR normal hours.  Wayne hits the road at 5am to get to rural offices with major malfunctions just so they can be open and operating.   Thursday night was a 5 hour return drive in order to pick up a Vacuum pump AFTER HOURS on his OWN TIME in order to make sure a customer had a functioning office for the next working day....
When your office is open, so are we.  Daytime hours are easy.  
It's the after hours stuff that often makes the difference between success or failure for many of the goals of running your business!  

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John Goodwin often spends weekends away from his twin daughters to bring a customer for a factory education tour and consider new equipment.  There are no contracts expected or implied.  Its a matter of doing the right thing, and trusting the results.  We often discuss business in the evenings or weekends - there is simply no time during the "bank hours"! I've watched as John grow from technician to Equipment specialist.  
He now enjoys my "scenario" where the mobile device you are personally attached to gets several dozen (hundreds for me) of messages day and night, weekend, holidays....Thankyou John for caring and all you do!

Carl Donahue brings lunch for customers and offers in office CE to help them learn ways to reduce service calls! 

Carl Donahue often makes appointments with customers to go over service and maintenance to AVOID having to call him!

He is mostly working with our other local Schein Rep Kelly Fradette - but I am thankful for him covering the team when Wayne is away.  We are all in this together, and TEAM is EVERYTHING to ME!!

Just like your office - Prevention is the best medicine, thanks Carl! This was an impressive presentation for Fresh Dental!

Kevin is a dedicated father and family man
Kevin Boyd is my local high tech service and IT expert.  I can't tell you how often an office has avoided major down time with his help.  He deserves a section and blog all of his own for his unbeatable service!
We love and hate our technology!   With todays more complicated digital services we now offer, there is nobody else that can touch his abilities!  Not only an IT expert, but the ability to meld the dental technology together with the desktop, internet, business.  AND ALWAYS FRIENDLY! WOW!

The reward is often the appreciation!

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I know the doctor that received these flowers, and this card this week wasn't at the office thinking of how the patient might pay the bill or how much they could charge.  They were sincerely concerned about the well being of the patient....just like you!  It's awesome to get these gifts and cards - it makes a persons day.

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I am BLESSED to have met both of these doctors as young associates, and able to help them find opportunities to own!  Words can't express how PROUD I AM when I see them succeed and take care of patients this way.  This is my motivation too....the success in business ALWAYS FOLLOWS those who have the right ambition and motivation. 
When my friends succeed - I have succeeded! This job is truly a blessing!

How does a patient measure value?

When a patient comes to you without insurance or benefits - does it make a difference on the way you treat them?  One way or another, the bills get paid - but the treatment plan is NEVER about how the bill gets paid. Its about doing the right thing.  

The right thing means finding the best value for the patients circumstances.

This is no different than the way I work as a "cotton roll brokers" .  

Is the dentistry you provide worth the price you charge?  What makes it so different?

It's not the materials cost.  

You are likely using the SAME MATERIALS as many of your local colleagues.  Maybe providing the SAME ENVIRONMENT.  Similar techniques and services.....

What is the difference?

The difference is the relationship you have with your patient.  With the team you have that helps you deliver this experience your patient enjoys so much they not only pay get flowers. Or a card.  They bring their kids.  They tell their friends.  They "like" you and tell co-workers and social media.

If a patient measured you by the materials you use.  By "everyone is the same" so they needed to find the "cheapest"...where would dentistry end up?

How do you measure value...
The cotton roll broker.  

Proud of the offices that I have the privilege to work with
I get paid to sell cotton rolls....but it's not what excites me.  What motivates me most is the same thing that drives most of you.  The relationship.  A value that can't be measured in dollars.  

When I am asked to describe my job, I can easily say I am a dental supply representative for Henry Schein.  Or a Consultant.  It is absolutely my job to help supply the best value in dental supplies...what exactly is the best value?

My job description
"I help bring dentistry to the public by encouraging talented people to pursue a career in dentistry.  
I help with graduating Dental Assistant, Hygienist, Therapist, Receptionist, Denturist, Lab Technician, Salesman from the time they start a career to the time they retire.  I help bring them opportunities! Find a job, or a business to buy.  
I appraise practices, help transition.  Find financing.  Use my network of experts from legal to accounting to help them establish their practices. Supply them a team that can open an office from scratch or keep it running.  The business of dentistry.  Supply people, services, education opportunities.  Technology for the desktop and drills that they use on the chairs in the operatories we provide. Help them from the time they graduate to the time they retire with everything related to dentistry.

I get paid to sell cotton rolls....but that's not what I really do."

The value a patient places in your and the value of your services is relative to your skill.  How appreciative you are that your patient trusts you is reflected in how you treat them.  

What is the value of anything?  It's a matter of perspective.
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