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How To Get More Frequent Visits From Dental Patients

How To Get More Frequent Visits From Dental Patients

5/13/2019 12:56:00 PM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 16

As a dentist, you provide two main types of services for customers. There are emergency repair services when painful cavities happen. Then, there's the routine maintenance that gets done semi-annually. While you may desire that all of your customers request both types of services, this is not always the case. While you're more likely to get an emergency visit from clients who use you for regular checkups, it's not likely to get regular checkups from those who just seek you for emergency situations. This is unless you utilize some necessary tactics to get them back through your office doors. 

Start With Identifying Target Markets

While you may provide dental services for people of all ages, it's important to realize that you'll need different tactics to attract different markets. You'll want to break down your target markets by customer demographics. It can be very helpful to start marketing to one target market at a time. For example, say you want to expand the number of children that you have as patients. This is a great place to start as most children will continue to go to the same dentist as they become adults. Put your efforts into attracting one target market as a time to make things easier for you to handle. You can always integrate more as you continue. 

Have A Helpful And Informative Website

It's no secret that many people will check out the website of their prospective dentist before visiting. Your website should tell people the specific services that you perform, the insurance providers you accept, and an introduction to your staff members. The whole idea is to give potential customers valuable information about your business so they feel more connected to you. If you're lacking a website, it's likely prospective clients will go to one of your competitors who had clearly laid out services on their website. 

Offer A Free Service

As we talked about earlier, it's a good idea to target those people who have come to you for an emergency problem who don't regularly have checkups performed. When you get these customers through your door for the emergency issue, end the visit with an offer for a free or discounted service, such as a semi-annual cleaning. This can entice those who don't visit you on a regular basis to stop in more often. People are more responsive when you offer them something at a discount or for free. The idea is that once you get them in for that discounted or free service, they'll be more likely to schedule future checkups. 

Send Out Reminders

You can target these emergency patients and turn them into regular checkups by many different methods. However, you should consider always sending out reminders. For example, you can have your appointment scheduler give clients a call to remind them of their semi-annual cleaning needs. You can send out postcards doing the same thing. Even consider emails that will allow you to get in front of your prospective clients and bring your business to the forefront of their day. Many people just don't go regularly to the dentist because they're too busy with life and simply forget to schedule. By sending out reminders, you make it super simple for clients to set up appointments on a more regular basis. 

Getting more dental patients through your door on a regular basis is something that you should always be concerned with. Those regular customers not only bring in more consistent revenue for your business, but they allow you to help clients prevent oral health issues from getting worse. The above are just some of the many tactics you can use to get more people through your doors. Once you start implementing some of these ideas, we're sure you'll continue to come up with more unique ways to bring in more customers on a consistent basis for your business.

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