Dental FraudBusters!
Dental FraudBusters!
"I am on a mission to help dentists better understand, prevent and confront issues related to fraud, embezzlement and employee dishonesty in their practice"
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Bill Hiltz
Bill Hiltz

Fifty Shades of What?!

Fifty Shades of What?!

5/26/2019 6:53:50 PM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 62
"Fifty Shades of Fraud" or "Fifty Shades of Error?

Dental FraudBusters!

All dentists lose money to one or the other.

Does it matter if you lose $100 to fraud, or $100 to an error or omission?

No, because the burn is, you're still out 100 dollars.

When unnecessary mistakes are made repeatedly, and on a daily basis, the result can be tens-of-thousands of dollars in lost time, and revenue; plus the cost of your emotional drain.

This is your money! 

Money that you could have spent towards growing a happy and successful practice.

You can prevent losses like these by having "checks and balances" in your practice to watch over errors, prevent fraud, and stop things from falling through the cracks.  Consider implementing a well thought system of internal controls, written polices and checklists.
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