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Dental FraudBusters
It's a Fact! Dentistry is one of the most embezzled and litigated professions • We can do better! • Follow Dental FraudBusters for tips, tools & resources to help you protect your practice!
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Bill Hiltz
Bill Hiltz

Dental office theft is common. Widely published statistics say that 6 out of 10 dentists will be a victim of employee dishonesty, and virtually every dentist knows of another dentist or a classmate who was embezzled. It doesn’t matter if you practice alone, in a group; or whether your practice is...  Read More
How to steal $1100 in 1 minute and 47 seconds.
Dentrix Audit Trail used to discover OM stole $1100 in under 2 minutes. The total amount of theft was much higher.  I refer to this as 'day end clustering' Message me if you would like an explanation.   Read More
Old Timey Sayings
Has anyone seen Arica Cameron? Atlanta Police are looking for her.
A TALE FROM THE CRYPT RE-POSTED FROM DENTAL FRAUDBUSTERS BLOG Jul 27, 2015 – ATLANTA – Police are looking for a dental office manager suspected of embezzling hundreds of thousands of dollars from her boss. (watch the video below) A prominent Buckhead dentist told Channel 2 consumer investigator...  Read More
Dental Embezzlement Confessions
HOW DID EMPLOYEES REACT WHEN ACCUSED OF STEALING? Over the last 20 years, I have confronted scores of dental employees who were stealing from the practice. Every confrontation was .   Every employee was given evidence of their crime. They were all provided an...  Read More
Find a Dental Embezzler
Find a Dental Embezzler OUR LIST OF DENTAL EMBEZZLERS KEEPS GROWING The embezzler information listed on Dental FraudBusters was taken from public domain sources.  every dental embezzler LISTED was either arrested, or convicted.  While our list keeps growing , please understand that only a small...  Read More
Dental Embezzlement and Misplaced Trust
Our blog pages have hundreds dental embezzlement stories involving misplaced trust.  The majority of the those embezzlers were once TRUSTED employees, who after years of service, began swindling the practice.  To “cook the books”, those embezzlers needed three essential ingredients that are...  Read More
Will my CPA find dental embezzlement?
Many dentists believe their CPA will uncover embezzlement. The truth is, most CPA’s are unlikely to detect embezzlement in a dental practice; but it’s not their fault.  They were not hired for that job  What’s in your wallet?  Compilation, Review or Audit? When year end rolls around, most dentists...  Read More
Serial Embezzer: Kristen Labrue
Kristen Labrue of Fort Myers, Fla., was arrested after she allegedly wrote five fraudulent checks to herself and her husband’s account for $79,662, NBC affiliate  reported Aug. 30.  Labrue worked at Pediatric Dentistry of Fort Myers from April 2021 to June 2021, according to the report. The...  Read More
Employee Dishonesty: What should I look for?
Dental office theft is common. Widely published statistics say that 6 out of 10 dentists will be a victim of employee dishonesty, and virtually every dentist knows of another dentist or a classmate who was embezzled. It doesn’t matter if you practice alone, in a group; or whether your practice is...  Read More
The Top 6 Dental Embezzlement Red Flags
85% OF DENTAL EMBEZZLERS LEAVE CLUES   Keep a watchful eye on your dental practice!   A red-flag is an indicator that fraud may be present;  but it does not guarantee its presence.  There may be an innocent  explanation, but it may also point toward something more sinister.   Learn more about...  Read More
"I gotta get outta here."
This happens more often than you may think. Digital forensics can help identify lost and hidden data to support arguments you would otherwise have missed. In litigation matters involving :             Buy-Sell disputes between dentists                     Employment claims                 ...  Read More
Learn to Run Your Practice like a Detective
I'm finally getting the kinks worked out   NEW COURSES will begin SEPTEMBER-2022.  FRAUDBUSTER COURSES are FREE (open to everyone) PREMIUM COURSES are FREE (open to Dentists & Practice Owners only) Dental Embezzlement Myths   Read More
Course - A Typical Case of Dental Embezzlement.
Course details and registration information are in the video.  .   Read More
10 things you can do to reduce the chance of embezzlement by 80% or more.
Welcome Hi! I'm Bill Hiltz; founder of  and the creator of Dental FraudBusters! In this course I am going to show you how to reduce your chances of being embezzled by 80% or more by doing 10 simple things. Courses begin Sep 22, Registration is free If you've been struggling with trying to be a...  Read More
Virtual Card Payments are BAD for Dentists
Synopsis (1) Some third- party administrators and insurance companies pay dentists using virtual credit card payments instead of issuing checks or electronic deposits. (2) Dental Providers have the right to get paid by the method that best suits their needs.  (3) US Code of Federal Regulations 45...  Read More
Busting Embezzlement with Bill Hiltz
IT’S A FACT – DENTISTRY IS ONE OF THE MOST EMBEZZLED PROFESSIONS.  The reality is; employee theft is so prevalent in dentistry, virtually every dentist knows a classmate or a colleague who has been embezzled. Webinar - Busting Dental Embezzlement With Bill Hiltz Bill will share secrets from...  Read More
Fraudulent Amazon Orders
Please be sure to reconcile your Amazon orders each month.   Read More
Chance are....
Now is not the time for employee dishonesty.
Now is not the time for employee dishonesty.  Here are some few links that can help practice owners:     Make sure you have adequate crime and cyber insurance. Talk to your insurance broker. Be sure to ask about YOUR responsibilities regarding coverage. (i.e.: keep an alarm system, have virus...  Read More
Hiltz's Axium
A Typical Case of Dental Embezzlement
Having trouble viewing this image; click here to view full size.   Read More
Across the nation, dental offices are closing in droves.
Almost overnight, dentists have seen their incomes drop to zero with no end in sight.  The coronavirus has forced many dentists to close their doors, cancel patient treatments, and send employees home. So, it is not surprising that embezzlement is not a concern for many practice owners at this...  Read More
Dental FraudBuster 003 • What reports to ask for and keep off-site.
FraudBuster! Frequency: Do every working day Each working day obtain copies of the reports described below. These reports can be printed on paper or as a PDF file. I strongly recommend that you examine each report to look for errors, omissions or things that do not make sense. At a minimum,...  Read More
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