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Top 5 Benefits of A Good PACS Software

Top 5 Benefits of A Good PACS Software

6/18/2019 5:44:34 PM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 6

There is no doubt that technology has had some significant impacts on life today. Various sectors can attribute their efficiency, effectiveness, and increased production to advanced technology. There are tools, equipment, and software that handle everything that was previously manually handled. One of the sectors that have significantly changed due to the current technology is the medical sector.

With the innovation of the Picture Archiving and Communication System, commonly known as PACS, the operations of healthcare facilities have hit another level. Physicians can now share medical imaging through electronic means. Sharing of medical imaging electronically is now the standard in various medical facilities. Here are some of the best benefits of the Picture Archiving and Communication System.

1. Improved Data Management

Data management is a key factor in medical facilities. Without the imaging software, the images had to be kept in duplicates, which lowered the efficiency of the medical facilities and operations. However, the software tool keeps track of all images through electronic means. As a physician, duplicating data and storing it in various files is no longer an attractive option because the software can store all images.

2. Chronological Data Management

Data management is always an attractive benefit to the software user but it becomes better when the data is stored chronologically. The radiology history of various patients is stored in a systematic way, which helps in tracking treatment and health changes. With a consistent history, physicians can quickly analyze whether a particular patient is responding to treatment or not. Chronological storage of data is also helpful in various research studies.

3. Enhanced Analysis and Viewing

Initially, physicians used to struggle to get clear images and to understand the images. However, with the Picture Archiving and Communication System, physicians can zoom and get a closer look at images. Physicians can also manipulate the images for better viewing and analysis, which was not possible with the older imaging systems. Any assistance afforded to physicians is reciprocated to the patients who can now receive better diagnosis and treatment.

4. Easy Access to Reports

With this tool, physicians have an easy and quick technique of assessing patients' images and reports. Through the assistance of the software system, reports can be shared from one department to the other. Medical experts can easily view the necessary images in remote areas. It is also possible to submit reports about the images displayed on the monitor when a physician is located anywhere. The images are not kept in traditional filing systems where physicians have to move to the store or the archive to try and locate various images.

5. User-Friendly

Due to the increasing number of medical software, physicians are more concerned about the ease of use of these systems. This imaging tool is user-friendly and easy to navigate. You don't need much knowledge and experience to handle it and see the results of radiology activities. The application of the system is straightforward, which has enabled users to get accurate radiology reports hence enhancing their treatment procedures.

There are so many systems that have been innovated to help the medical industry to be more accurate and efficient, but the Picture Archiving and Communication System has proven to be one of the best. It has not only brought about accuracy but organization, consistency, and efficiency. This explains why its demand has been increasing in the last few years.

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