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Giving Your Dental Practice New Life With Gamification Mechanics

Giving Your Dental Practice New Life With Gamification Mechanics

7/23/2014 8:39:28 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 11393

REGISTER AND ATTEND THE WEBINAR: "Dental Gamification Design and Implementation Strategies"  - Friday August 15, 2014

By learning from early adopters in other industries, Dentists (and Dental companies) can apply the immensely effective strategy for Growth Hacking Your Dental Practice: Game Mechanics (i.e., " Gamification ") to create a connected experience for their existing, inactive and prospective new patients and employees creating sustainable growth and improving the atmosphere and flow in their practice.

Just a few years back, “gamifying” business was considered an oxymoron. Today, nearly every business (and a rapidly growing number of Dentists) are exploring Gamification as a viable opportunity to engage patients, prospective patients and employees. Historically, game playing was seen as a pastime activity for fun and entertainment. However Game-Based Marketing and Gamification Mechanics have an undeniable track record of success for increasing and improving engagement, increasing revenue, imparting knowledge and improving skills to name a few.


Growth Hacker Central and Dr. Ken Newhouse (that'd be me) says that: "Gamification of the Systems, functions, training, marketing and digital aspects of your practice occurs by applying Gamification Mechanics (game design thinking) to these non-game contexts within your practice to engage patients, improve case acceptance, increase referrals and empower innovative thinking and the performance of your employees."

Google Trends1 clearly shows how gamification has gained and maintained search popularity in the past couple of years, punctuated by spotlights in the media. Gartner predicts2 that by 2015, 60%+ of Global 1000 organizations will use gamification as the primary mechanism to transform business operations.

M2 Research3  predicts that by 2016, direct spending on Gamification will rise to $2.8 billion. Dentists as well as Dental companies have started to implement Gamification Strategies with a transformational impact on their marketing, sales, recruitment, and services enhancement strategies.

The Upcoming Webinar: Dental Gamification Design and Implementation Strategies provides perspective on how Dentists (and companies that sell to  and provide service for Dentists) can adopt Gamification to drive changes in patient/employee behavior and highlights ways Dentists should model these strategies to reap the benefits achieved by early adopters.

Rapidly Growing Adoption and Implementation of Gamification Within Dentistry

You're likely wondering how " Gamification of Your Dental Practice " can increase the quality and quantity of your new patient traffic, increase case acceptance / patient retention / and referrals while improving employee engagement and performance.

Here's how: The power of gaming pivots around player experience, generating positive emotions, exploring personal strengths, establishing social connections, commanding user engagement, practicing healthy competition, attaining status and fame and reaping rewards, either real or virtual.

An incredible example of a serious game along these parameters was launched on LinkedIn, by AXA UK.  The game, a digital version of snakes and ladders, sought to provide education on risk exposures faced by small businesses.

Gamification is not about playing actual games. It exploits the game psychology and implants the intrinsic and extrinsic motivational factors in a routine task that is performed by a User in a nongame context.

Therefore, Gamification involves proper application of game mechanics, dynamics and aesthetics with significant consideration of user experience and behavioral motivators. Leveraging these Gamification strategies and techniques, Dentists are achieving tremendous successes.

If you would like to know more about how Gamification can increase your new patient traffic, improve case acceptance, referrals and employees engagement and performance I want to invite you to register now for the upcoming Webinar: Dental Gamfication Design Strategies - scheduled for Friday, August 16th 2014.

The Webinar will last approximately 40-minutes with a 20-minute Q & A session at the end.  The first 17 Dentists to Register and Attend the Webinar will receive a DVD copy of the Webinar (free), the Dental Gamification Design and Implementation Manual (free) and an outline of the most effective implementation of Gamification Dentists are now using to improve every aspect of their practice.

Click Here to Register for the Upcoming Webinar: Dental Gamification Design Strategies

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