The Top Dental Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Practice
The Top Dental Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Practice
In this blog, we will review the top strategies your dental team can perform to grow your practice.

10 Signs Your Dental Practice Needs a New Website

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Technology constantly changes, and so should the dental marketing strategies your practice uses. In the 1990s and early 2000s, simply having a website was a game changer.

In todays’ technology driven society that we live in, your dental practice doesn’t just need a website… Your dental website needs to be attractive, easily navigable, strategic for SEO, and needs to track key analytics.

Your potential dental patients care about how your website looks. According to Stanford University, 75% of people judge the credibility of a company based on their website design.

Let’s explore reasons why your dental practice needs a new website. If your dental practice can relate to any of these 10 reasons, you need a dental website redesign:

1. Your Website is Not Mobile Friendly

With more than 50% of mobile searches happening on mobile phones, your website needs to be built with mobile top of mind.

If your website scrolls left and right on mobile, or requires a person to zoom in on your content, it’s time for a new website. Perhaps equally as important, Google now (as of July 1, 2019) indexes new websites using it’s ‘mobile-first’ indexing method. This is Google’s way of saying how important your mobile strategy needs to be in 2019 and beyond.

2. Your Dental Website’s Search Engine Rankings Are Low

Google constantly changes it’s algorithms. SEO strategies used 5-10 years ago most likely no longer work. If your website’s search engine rankings are low, it’s time for a new website.

Google loves original, unique, high-quality content on a website, which is why blogging can a strong component of your SEO strategy.

SEO is a crucial marketing strategy for the long-term success of your dental practice. It is so important for your website to be found and searched by your potential patients. In fact, according to Search Engine Journal, 93% of all online experiences begin on a search engine.

3. Your Dental Website Uses Flash

Flash is a big no-no. Not only is it not well liked by your potential patients, search engines no longer read it, which means it is terrible for SEO.

If your website was built with flash, it’s time for a redesign.

4. Your Dental Website Visitors Aren’t Converting

One of the main goals of your dental practice’s website is to not only attract new patients to your website, but to convert them into patients. If your bounce rate is extremely high, meaning, your potential clients visit your site and leave without visiting another page, it’s a good indicator that your visitors don’t find your website useful or beneficial to them.

Your dental website may not be converting for several reasons including:

- Loss of trust in your website design
- Your website’s layout is confusing
Your website is attracting non-relevant visitors
Your call-to-action buttons are non-existent or not prevalent enough
Your visitors don’t find your business expertise to be credible

Fortunately, for most dental practices, the above list can be fixed with a new website redesign.

5. Your Dental Website Looks Old and Outdated

Web design trends are changing. What used to be acceptable, even on the most popular platforms like Facebook and Google, have changed. Perhaps it’s an obvious thing like your copyright hasn’t been changed since 2008, or it was just built with outdated design principles.

According to ResearchGate, 94% of people say that websites with good designs are to be trusted more. If your website just looks outdated, a website redesign can position your business for online success.

6. Your Dental Website is Really Slow

If you notice that your website pages take longer than 3 to 5 seconds to load, it may be time for a new website. According to Kissmetrics, 40% of visitors will abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

There are many reasons why your website may be loading slowly, but they typically involve some serious work to fix. In many cases, you’ll be better off to have a website completely redesigned than to invest in fixing an old website.

7. Your Dental Practice Has Outgrown Your Current Website

Many times, we see dental practices whose websites look like something out of a horror movie. Things have been pieced together over the years from different website developers as the need for new service pages and other elements were added.

The great news is that when your website is built out to scale in the future, your website can grow with your dental practice.

8. Your Dental Practice Changed Its Brand

Many dental practices change their brand as time goes on. Color schemes, logos, dental practice names, and other elements change, which require an entirely new look to successfully represent their new brand.

Your website is the hub, or core, of your online activities. For this reason, your website is one of your most important assets for long-term success.

9. Your Competitor’s Dental Website Looks Much Better Than Yours

First impressions matter and getting your potential patients to choose your practice over your competitors’ practice is a major reason to get a new dental website. With all things being equal, If your local dental practice competitor’s website is better looking than yours, they’ll most likely be stealing customers away from you.

Consider a new website when you’re trying to position your dental practice in your local market relative to the competition.

10. You are Embarrassed to Give Out Your Dental Website URL

In combination of one or many of the reasons above, it can be embarrassing to give out your website’s URL to potential patients or others. You need a dental website that reflects the quality your practice encompasses.

The effort you put into learning new dental procedures, adopting new technology in your practice, and making your interior look clean and professional should be applied to your dental website strategy.

It’s Time for a New Dental Website

If you connect with any of the above 10 reasons to get a new website, it’s time for a website update. 

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