Practice Management, HR and Accounting

Gen Y (Aren’t They In Your Office?)
A millennial researcher explains how to respect her generation’s quirks and characteristics, and how to connect with these potential patients.
by Katrina M. Sanders
2019 Articles
Navigating the Dental Insurance Landscape: Optimizing Benefits Reimbursement
This one-hour course delves into the intricacies of the dental insurance claim review process. Gain insights into how benefit determinations are made, discover the common criteria that are reviewed...
Dr. Dominique Fufidio
CE Credits: 1.75
How to Sell More Without Being ‘Salesy’
For most people who don’t work in sales, the idea of having to 'sell' is about as palatable as eating fish eyes. Yet the reality is, if the business you work for (or own) stops selling, you’re out of...
by Angus Pryor
2018 Articles
The Coachable, Capable, Unstoppable Dental Team
When you think of individuals who are masters at their craft, not only are they capable, they also have an underlying foundational characteristic – coachability. Learn what it takes to make this...
Ms. Penny Reed
CE Credits: 2.25
Patient Retention Strategies for Practice Growth.
This course will expose how you are currently grooming your patients to experience the feeling of indifference toward you and your practice. Discover the strategies that can be taken to resolve your...
Dana Pardue Salisbury, MBA
CE Credits: 1.5
Hidden Treasures: Finding the Buried Profit In Your Practice
Understand that while some dentists are looking for the latest cutting-edge treatments or technology, many are frustrated, overwhelmed or plateaued. In this presentation, you will be introduced to...
Ms. Heidi Mount
CE Credits: 1.5
Front Office Mastery
This is a comprehensive course that teaches doctors and team members how to organize their front office systems. Learn how to create productive days with less stress, better control the phones,...
Sandy Pardue
CE Credits: 2
It’s Not What You Say it’s How and When You Say it!
Knowing the science and technology of dental hygiene helps you connect the dots as a practitioner, but it rarely helps you explain the benefits your treatment provides the patient. Learn how...
Ms. Carrie Ibbetson
CE Credits: 1
Frustration: The Breakfast of Champions... Filmed Live at Townie Meeting.
Every team knows that addressing frustration head on is a cornerstone of massive success! Think about it—who’s more frustrated, the janitor who cleans your building or you, the team delivering...
Ms. Vicki McManus
CE Credits: 2
Communication, Coding and Collections: The Three C’s of the Profitable Practice.
When the first question a patient asks is, “How much will my insurance pay?” our daily lives begin to revolve around insurance. Learn to step out of that mindset and step into customer service,...
Laci Phillips
CE Credits: 1.5
Understanding Exceptional-Needs Patients
Through nonjudgmental and supportive care, dental hygienists can provide evidence-based, patient-specific care that will give patients improved oral health and, in turn, greater overall health. After...
Nadine Russell, RDH, BSc
CE Credits: 1.5
Hygiene – The Low Hanging Fruit of Restorative Dentistry
If every patient accepted all needed dentistry, how busy would you be? If your patients understood the need for the dentistry as well as you do, what would your acceptance ratio be? Dentist and...
Dr. Mac Lee
CE Credits: 1.5
The Indispensable Team. Recorded Live at Townie Meeting!
Learn how dental and medical practices have transformed their stagnant “OK” results into a thriving, growing masterpiece! This is created by an indispensable team! Do you have one? Are you an...
Sarah Cottingham
CE Credits: 2
The New OSHA Hazard Communication Standard
This course will introduce the participant to the new Globally Harmonized Hazard Communication Standard. Employers are required to provide training to employees on the chemical safety and employees...
Leslie Canham, CDA, RDA
CE Credits: 1.5
The Spear Education Series of Online CE on Dentaltown...Framework for the New Patient Experience
This course explores the process of setting the foundation to create value for the new patient. The vision of the new patient experience is examined. It looks at building the relationship with the...
Imtiaz Manji
CE Credits: 1.5
Townie Meeting 2013 - Townie Talks/ Practice, People, and Economic Management
In a series of 18 minute talks, the biggest names in dentistry share their wisdom and express their thoughts on how to make dentistry more effective, more efficient and more enjoyable.
Dr.Howard Farran, Dr. Joe Steven, Garrett Gunderson, Fred Joyal, Dr. Mark Murphy, Dr. Mark Troilo
CE Credits: 1.5
Townie Meeting 2013 - Townie Talks/ Increasing Clinical Production, Quality, and Fun
In a series of 18 minute talks, the biggest names in dentistry share their wisdom and express their thoughts on how to make dentistry more effective, more efficient and more enjoyable.
Dr. Rich Rosenblatt, Dr. Tarun Agarwal, Trisha E. O’Hehir, Dr. Lee Ann Brady, Dr. Michael DiTolla
CE Credits: 1.5
The Power of the Question... How to Move Your Patients from Denial to Action.
This course will help participants become more effective communicators by learning to follow up on difficult questions and comments from patients. You will learn how to check out assumptions; ask...
Mary Osborne
CE Credits: 1.5
How to set up and conduct your own OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen program and training.
This course is designed to familiarize the participant with OSHA requirements and the basic elements of a bloodborne pathogen training program. This course may be utilized as a guideline for...
Leslie Canham, CDA, RDA
CE Credits: 1.5
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