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6 Tips for Dentists to Improve Work-Life Balance

6 Tips for Dentists to Improve Work-Life Balance

1/2/2020 12:43:20 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 94

Long working hours can take a toll on your personal life and limits the time spent with family and friends. However, taking the right measures and making some adjustments can help you maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Here are some useful tips for dentists to maintain a better work-life balance:

1. Efficiently Track Your Time

First of all, you need to keep track of how you spend your time. You can maintain a journal for at least two weeks, where you can note down your activities every 15 minutes. This will help you track how much time you’re spending with your staff, patients, and on paperwork.

At the end of the two weeks, you will get to know the real picture of your schedule. You could be spending more wasted time in some areas that you’re not aware of. For example, are your staff meetings dragging on for a longer time than needed? Are you having a lot of leisure time between patients?

Make sure you allocate your time to personal or professional goals wisely.

2. Let Go of Perfectionism

Are you a perfectionist by nature who avoids delegating tasks? For example, you may want to know the marketing strategy of your dental practice, but you do not need to get into the smallest details of your marketing activities, such as reviewing the comments of your blog posts or finding the best keywords for your online advertisements. You can leave those tasks to your marketing team and use that time to focus on your patients.

3. Schedule Appointments and Procedures Efficiently

You can effectively manage your time by following a proper schedule. You can balance out short procedures with more difficult ones. Since short procedures have more transitions between patients, they have more chances of getting delayed. To effectively manage your time, you can block out time for longer procedures first, and schedule shorter procedures such as adjustments or exams in between the longer appointments.

4. Account for Emergencies

Patients with dental emergencies may visit your practice after business hours or on weekends. Such emergencies can throw off your work-life balance. To avoid such inconvenience, you can allot specific hours for emergency treatments on business days.

If your dental practice has more dentists, you can work in shifts to handle emergencies. This will make sure a dentist in your practice is always there to attend and treat emergencies.

5. Block out Time for Personal Goals

Schedule some time for your personal goals and make an effort to get them done. Do you want to meet friends every Sunday morning, be on time for dinner with family, or take your kids out to the beach? Block out time for those activities on your calendar and make sure your office tasks don’t clash with your personal goals.

6. Tap into Technology

Your patients also have busy lives. You can use technologies such as real-time alerts, two-way texts, and automated appointment reminders to make sure they remember their appointments and are on time. You can update your patients through an automated phone call, text, or email.

Also, for your front desk staff, you can use automated task lists with smart recommendations. This will help your front desk employees know the tasks they need to focus on first.

With these tips, you can set boundaries and maintain the right balance between your work and life.

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