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Revitalize your Health and your Dental Practice in 2020 with Dr. Uche Odiatu, DMD

Revitalize your Health and your Dental Practice in 2020 with Dr. Uche Odiatu, DMD

1/2/2020 10:09:45 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 49

Our guest this week Dr. Uche Odiatu, DMD sits down with our host Brandon Fetters and discusses why its crucial that you get to know your patients and their overall habits which helps predict the long term success of any treatment you provide today.  Dr. Odiatu shares a few quick workouts for dentists and their faculty, which will encourage them to move throughout the workday. He also shares a few articles and tips that can help anyone improve their health and overall wellbeing in 2020. You will hear all this and much more on this week’s episode of The Dental Up Podcast.

In this Episode you will hear about:
-Why it’s important to know your patient’s health history and its impact on your treatment in the near future.
-Understanding that investing and adapting to new technology is another way to market yourself indirectly.
- Why the quality of sleep impacts your overall mood for the day.
- What encouraged Dr. Odiatu to go back to school and becomeTriple Certified as a Personal Trainer.

Learn more about Dr. Uche Odiatu, DMD by clicking the links down below:
Personal Website and upcoming events:
Get his latest books
Fit for the Love of it:  
The Miracle of Health:
Exercise when Less is More Article:

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