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dentistry unplugged
Since 1984 Warren Bobinski has been involved in every aspect of the business of dentistry. From owning a dental supply house to starting a scratch dental clinic. Operations, marketing to managment and investment.
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DMDrep could be good again if you understand this......

5/6/2020 6:32:42 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 48

"A high degree of autonomy is what permits innovation, experimentation and risk taking in a bureaucracy.  If a slightest mistake can end a career, then no one will ever take risks...." 
~Francis Fukuyama (Economist) could be good again if you understand this......
My Boy Harley...always by my side enjoying this world!

This was written for my Saskatchewan colleagues and posted on my private FB group...I wanted to share....

If you think I post way too much, imagine being my wife trying to LISTEN to my endless talking with ideas all day! For everything I post and write about, I probably discard 5!! 


I read endlessly.  The way I learn is by repeating and thinking and writing what I learned, trying to explain it back. This is my inspiration and motivation.  So theres my "why".   I read a TON of scientifics, and research innovations.

I've been "teaching" a long time to find your niche if you want to stand out in a competitive business (such as dentistry).  Who would have thought that a pandemic could possibly force this issue! 

I have discussed MANY opportunities in dentistry.  Endless really, if you are motivated.  If you want to find a PRIME business that has decent return - open a business with a HIGH BARRIER to entry.  For example, takes specialized and expensive education and skills.  Expensive equipment and tools.  Risky investment.

We had most of this before in Dentistry....yet SO MANY people were getting the education, the funding, the security meant a close to 99% success rate....

But that was then.  

I have been teaching for years to find your niche.  Extend your skills.  If you open a restaraunt and serve the exact same meals and service as the guy across from you - what is the distinguishing factor that brings people to you? Is it just your skill as a CHEF - yet the perception is EVERYONE is a CHEF in your business? You can't market that skill since the CHEF organization says its a no no.  You can't really advertise your prices (and don't really want to be a fast food burger place either). this new era.  How can you distinguish yourself?  

I think treatment will need to evolve.  The REASON for patients to come to you to being with (the PREVENTIVE CARE).  Give them MORE reasons to see you than the other guy. Invest in yourself and the ways that make you different.  Promote that internally and use an expert to help BRAND YOURSELF! If you are going to be a CHEF - be one that has a menu of offerings nobody else has... "same day crowns", invisible aligners, PERSONALIZED TOTAL PREVENTIVE health testing.  You can help them sleep better.  Eat better. Live healthier.  Smile brigther and whiter and straighter.

If you understand this concept, and you are prepared to invest in yourself....the future of dentistry is bright.
This is my dog Harley.   He is getting old but will still wobble around the acreage and we can enjoy the sunset together....

Like him, I am old(er).  Maybe I walk a little different or slower - but I am going to walk with you and make sure we enjoy this world!
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