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From One Hygienist to Another
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Finding the Best Dentist and Hygienist in Houston

Finding the Best Dentist and Hygienist in Houston

6/30/2020 10:40:16 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 18

There are so many choices in life, right? Choices to make for work, where you live, who you spend your time with and what you're doing on Saturday night. Choices to make about the foods you eat, how much exercise you get and where you receive essential care to keep your body healthy. And don't forget — your overall health includes your mouth and teeth! Making the choice as to where to go for your dental care is a big one, and should be thought over carefully. Read on for some ways to choose the best Houston based dental practice for you and your family. 

Ask About Insurance and Other Payment Options

If you have dental insurance, ask to speak with the office's insurance specialist. This can be really helpful and can help prevent unpleasant surprises later on, because not all dental practices accept all insurance plans. You might want to use this time to choose a dental plan that your office does accept, so speaking with the specialist can be very helpful all around. If you don't have insurance, be sure to ask about other options such as payment plans, family or new patient specials and credit programs.

Determine Your Needs 

What's important to you when it comes to a dentist? Are you anxious when it comes to climbing in the chair, or has it been a while since you've had a cleaning? Do you have periodontal issues that need addressing, or are you looking for a new place for your entire family? Whatever your reason, be sure to keep it in mind when shopping around. If you have multiple needs or family members and convenience is a top priority along with quality of care, visiting a dentist in Houston that covers more than just traditional cleanings could be the best choice for you. Other added incentives like new patient specials can make practices even more appealing, so keep an eye out for those as well. 

Focus on Trust and Satisfaction

It's no secret that dental care, especially if you don't have great insurance (or any at all) — can be really expensive. You want to be happy with your choice. This is where talking with friends or co-workers can be really helpful, especially with those who have had more extensive work done. If you have children in need of dental care, getting feedback from other parents about the care their child receives at a particular dentist can be really valuable as well. Unfortunately, there might be a time when you choose a dentist and aren't thrilled with your experience there. You might end up feeling like you're being taken advantage of (do you really have 8 cavities?), or maybe you just didn't feel comfortable. If this ends up being the case, don't hesitate to search for a new dentist.

Get Your Doctor's Opinion

If you want to get the inside scoop on dentistry, you might not have to look any farther than your primary care doctor. Chances are your doctor has a pretty good handle on different practices in the area and could be instrumental in helping you in making your decision. Your doctor knows you and your body and might have some suggestions that would steer you towards one practice over another, particularly if you experience dental anxiety. Your doctor could also give you a heads up for anything you might want to mention to your dentist concerning your overall health.

Taking care of your mouth and teeth is so important, and you'll need to do your homework to find the best dental practice to meet your needs. While it might take some time, it shouldn't be difficult — there are many wonderful practices out there. If you focus on finding a place that offers different services (convenient!) and makes you feel like you're getting quality care, you've hit the dental jackpot. 

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