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4 Places For Dentists To Market Their Dental Practices Other Than Google

4 Places For Dentists To Market Their Dental Practices Other Than Google

9/26/2014 2:10:19 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 198

Dentists that want to get their practice noticed and increase the amount of traffic that comes through their door won’t be able to escape the need to put a big effort into marketing. After all, relying on word of mouth referrals to get new customers just simply won’t cut it when you consider all of the techniques that the competition is likely using to bring in new clients.

When it comes to marketing, it’s hard to deny that there is anywhere better to look than Google. Google is the number-one rated website in the world, and it’s typically the place that people look when trying to find information about services they need. That’s why it’s vital that dentist’s but a strong effort towards boosting their Google presence. However, Google isn’t the only place that you should be marketing.

Instead, here are 4 places for a dentist to market their practice other than Google.


Yelp is growing in popularity, which means that more and more people are relying on it on a daily basis. Yelp gives honest reviews from everyday people about the experiences that they’ve taken part in. So whether they are looking for a restaurant, a fitness club, a daycare, or, in this case, a dentist, people will look to Yelp to find results.

With Yelp, dentists can also create discounts and deals that they offer their customers on the site. These exclusive deals will help to increase traffic and develop stronger relationships. It’s also a great way to entice customers to come in for their bi-annual checkups. This can also be done through the Yelp messaging service, which is another great key feature supported by this site.

Finally, Yelp is great for businesses because it provides business trends through their own reporting tool. This makes it easy for dentists to see what is working, what people are saying about their practice, and much more. This should help them pinpoint what they are doing right and what needs work, which they can then use to make for a stronger practice.


Bing isn’t quite up there with Google just yet, but it’s in the conversation among the top search engines in the world. Because of the familiarity of the name, people who do not use Google or know the difference between the search engines, will likely go directly to Bing instead. Even if it’s still not getting the same amount of traffic as Google, Bing is doing something right if they are the second-most popular search engine in the world. And this can be huge for a dental practice.

Dentists can add their locations for free through Bing’s services. In addition, they can also add other relevant content, such as photos, videos, and more. Having all of these features will do wonders for a dental facility, as it shows clients just what they can experience at your office. When it comes to making customers feel comfortable at the dentist, this is a key feature.


Manta is quickly growing to be an incredibly useful website, which is why dentists can get ahead of the curve and make sure that they are using it to market their practice. The site gets over 30 million unique visitors per month, so that means that your dental practice is missing out on a huge market if you aren’t targeting these people.

Manta offers business optimization packages for a fee. However, the price that you pay is certainly worth it if you are able to bring in many more clients on a monthly basis. In addition, you can also highlight your product and other services on your Manta business profile for everyone to see.

Social Media

There are a variety of different social media outlets to use, so it’s important that you are making an effort to use at least one of them. Facebook obviously reigns supreme here. It’s the second most popular website in the world and the first most among social media outlets. With Facebook, your dental practice will be able to reach more clients than ever before, through outlets you may have never considered.

Along with Facebook, sites like Instagram or Twitter can also be helpful. And it goes to show that if you are already using Google, you may as well use Google+ to further your marketing reach as well.

There are a variety of different marketing avenues that a dentist can use to get their product out there. While Google may be the first one that comes to mind, it’s important to consider that these other options are just as valuable.

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