Tips For Dentists and Dental Industry News
Tips For Dentists and Dental Industry News
I have been in Dental Industry since 20 years and i would love to share my experience and knowledge in form of writing. This is one of the reason i joined
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How to Rank #1 for Dental Practice Using SEO
Like every other industry, the dental industry is competitive. Do you often question how you can set your practice apart from the rest? How can you as a dental practice rank #1 on Google? These are all common questions we businesses have. The answer is to  (local SEO) campaign following a proven...  Read More
7 Dental Marketing Strategies That Only Professionals Use
Are you looking to put your profession into practice and soon attract more patients? We’ve got your back. We have compiled some of the most effective dental marketing strategies nowadays that professionals are using. By using these strategies, in no time, you should acquire more patients. Trust...  Read More
5 Dental Practice Online Marketing Strategies to Get More Patients On Your Site
If you want to grow your dental business, it’s crucial to have both a real life and online presence. But if you are not aware of the certain tools and ways to grow your business then you will not truly be successful. As a dental practice, you may already be doing all the right things to...  Read More
5 Social Media Sharing and Posting Tips for Dentists
Social media isn’t just for the young and the millennials. Believe it or not, it’s also for professionals like dentists! As a dentist, of course, you know a lot about oral health and you’ve got a lot to share, but when it is time to get into posting, you find yourself...  Read More
7 Reasons Why Dentists Are Having an Important Role in Health Care Industry
Dentists have always played a very vital role in the healthcare industry. The dental care unit has been one of the most important parts of any . Getting your teeth and gum checked at regular intervals is something that should be considered by all. Along with that it is also normal to have some...  Read More
Modern Dental Practice with the Latest Equipment
The advancement of technology is helping in improving every part of our lives. There are always new inventions and innovations in different fields which are making life easier for us. The field of dentistry is no different. There has been so much advancement in the dental equipment and the...  Read More
10 Must Have Dental Technology Equipments
The world of dentistry has already gone so far compared to the past decade or so. The industry is constantly evolving and the technological advancements make the clinical and patients’ experience a lot better. Here is a short list of a few technological equipments that dental firms use these...  Read More
3D Imaging is a Big Leap for Dental Technology
If you happen to be a dentist with experience in being able to use a CBCT scanner then you should already know by now the crucial role that it can play when it comes to dental reconstruction. The data and information that you are able to get out of the CBCT scanner are very important so that you...  Read More
Top 10 Technologies to Revolutionize Dental Industry
Like other industries, the dental industry is changing quickly. Technologies are being introduced at a fast-pace, helping to make the job of taking care of teeth easier and better. From the software that dentists use to new ways of fixing crooked teeth, them. Here are the top 10 technologies that...  Read More
Learn About the Latest Trends in Dental Technology
Dental technology is making the job of being a dentist easier and less complicated. New equipment and procedures are. Dentists who are staying up-to-date on the latest trends in dental technology are getting new patients and increasing their revenues. Here are some new ways technology is helping...  Read More
Five Ways to Market Your Practice
Dentists have a lot of competition. You can find a new practice on every street corner. How do patients know the How do dentists attract patients to their offices rather than their competitors? The answer is marketing. Through proper marketing, patients get to know your practice and decide if you...  Read More
Can Extreme Couponing Help Dentists To Increase Patients
In an effort to save money, plenty of people go to the extreme, and one of these extremes is the practice of extreme couponing. Although it seems like a really effective money-making solution, it’s not as easy to do as it seems. If you’re planning on joining this trend, the question you...  Read More
Advantages of Microscopic Dental Treatment
The dentists at Implantis Dental Clinic perform a variety of dental procedures and surgeries with top-of-the-line equipment, including digital X-Rays,CBCT and microscopes. Microscopes allow dentists to perform procedures like root canal treatment accurately. Microscopes are beneficial for three...  Read More
Biomimetic dentistry applied to cosmetic procedures by Dr. Michael Y. Jacobson DDS, MPH
Minimally invasive treatments are procedures that restore form, function and esthetics with minimal removal of sound tooth structure. This is accomplished by removing only dental tissues that cannot be adhesively bonded.This conservative approach leaves patients with as much of their natural tooth...  Read More
12 Ways to Make Your Dental Practice Clean
If you were to walk into a restaurant that didn't look very clean, you probably wouldn't want to eat there. Likewise, if you were to walk into a dental office that wasn't very clean, you probably would not trust that dentist to give you excellent care. A dirty office can say a lot about you and...  Read More
 Advantages of Facebook Ads for Dental Practices?
If you recently logged on to Facebook, you probably noticed the sidebar of ads on the right hand of your screen or a sponsored header at the top. These Facebook advertisements appear on your profile page and news feed on your desktop as well as on your mobile device. They are also often paired...  Read More
Four Ways to Shut Down Gossip Amongst Dental Staff
Though workplace gossip may seem innocent enough, sometimes sharing information can be damaging to the image and respectability of dental staff and the practice as a whole. Sometimes dental office gossip and negativity can also find its way into meetings or exchanges with patients. It could come...  Read More
How Digital X-rays Protect Your Implant Patients?
Digital X-rays are used as an alternative to traditional X-rays to view the teeth and jaw bone. Digital X-rays contain less radiation than the traditional X-ray, and are thusly considered safer to use, especially for patients with dental implants. What are digital X-rays? Digital X-rays are very...  Read More
8 Things To Consider Before Dentists Make Retirement Plans
Most professionals have stable income because they have invested in higher education and certifications to practice their profession. However, dentists are quite different because they aren’t exactly paid per hour and don’t work nine to five. Most dentists have their own clinics where...  Read More
8 Tips For Front Office Managers At Dental Practice
Some dentists find it hard to view the dental practice as a business instead of a service. This may be because they see the need to help people rather than focusing totally on making a lucrative income. That may be a wonderful paradigm, but with that kind of attitude, you may find it difficult to...  Read More
Why Does Your Practice Need Mobile Marketing?
Mobile marketing is something that is so common these days that it’s extremely difficult to avoid, because it’s everywhere. We are all so intrigued by our mobile devices because we can do almost anything on them, and the prevalence of these devices has skyrocketed in the consumer...  Read More
What is A Dentist's Biggest Dream For Their Professional Career?
For some people becoming a dentist is their biggest dream, which takes a lot of work and dedication. But what happens when they finally earn their license and can start practicing dentistry? They quickly find out there is more to the dental profession than simply taking care of teeth. Before they...  Read More
Top 5 Websites Dentists Should Visit for Daily Industry News
Remaining on of top industry trends is an important part of any career, especially so within the the field of dentistry. Having a clear idea of the technology and resources that are available allows dental professionals to identify possible business prospects. Following industry news gives...  Read More
For a dental website to be user-friendly, you should provide enough information about your practice to your target audience. Your information should be comprehensive, easily navigated and well organized so the prospective patient can search for the information he/she needs. Here is the example...  Read More
Facts About Cosmetic Dentistry
What is cosmetic dentistry? The field of dentistry has numerous subfields. Most dentists are general practitioners, but some choose to specialize in such areas as oral surgery, orthodontics, endodontics (the performance of root canal therapy), periodontics (the treatment of gum disease) and so...  Read More
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