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Bill Hiltz
Bill Hiltz

Busting Dental Embezzlement with Bill Hiltz

Busting Dental Embezzlement with Bill Hiltz

4/15/2021 3:46:41 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 185

Course Outline 

Bill will share secrets from his decades of experience. Hear and Learn:

• “Hiltz’s Axioms” – important guideposts for you to follow
• Easy to do “5-Minute Dental FraudBusters
• How to understand and diagnose Embezzlement Red Flags
• and more!

You probably have heard the statistics, and they are not good. 

The American Dental Association reported in their “2018 CDP Survey on Employee Theft in the Dental Practice” that 49% of dentists are embezzled and 46% are embezzled more than once.

That number is higher due to under-reporting and most experts agree that at least 60% of dentists are embezzled


April 21 (Wed)
Wed, May 5 (Wed)
May 19 (Wed)
at 7 PM Eastern

Registration is FREE for Dentists, Practice Owners and Consultants**
** employees of a dental practice will be asked to obtain signed consent from their employer before attending.

Busting Dental Embezzlement with Bill Hiltz

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