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Document Analysis in Dental Litigation

Document Analysis in Dental Litigation

8/18/2022 3:03:14 PM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 102
Dentist exoneration

Dentist Exonerated

Paying Attention to Details
This was a case of finding needles in a haystack - literally.
This civil litigation case involved a dental practice transaction dispute in excess of $1.2M.  
The Seller had agreed to work in the practice for 8 months after closing. After the Seller's work obligation ended, the Buyer filed a claim, alleging the Seller had "sabotagedthe practice while working there.
The Plaintiff then produced over 8,000 pages of documents to support its claim for damages; comprised of detailed audit and scheduling reports.
Those reports clearly showed the user ID assigned to the Seller had deleted more than 800 patient records. 
To find the needles, I transformed the Plaintiff's text documents into a database for auditing purposes. (it was now 100,000+ records)
Using the Plaintiff's documents, I was able to clearly demonstrate that the Seller could not have performed the record deletions.
A time analysis showed that the Defendant was either engaged in surgery or was not working in the practice during times when the record deletions occurred.
The results of my analysis were presented to the Plaintiff.  This resulted in the Plaintiff withdrawing its claim and compensating the Seller for legal fees and damages.

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