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Top Five Social Media Pitfalls For Your Dental Practice

Top Five Social Media Pitfalls For Your Dental Practice

12/28/2014 2:14:00 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 175

Over the last decade more and more people are turning to the web for advice from all areas in the medical field.  Easy access to the Internet from handheld devices, mobile phones, laptops and tablets is the main reason for people turning to the medical sites. The fast response is the main reason why millions of people retrieve information from health related sites.

Social media can help a business with marketing your dental practice.  If done correctly, you can attract new prospects from a site or a referral.  Failing to manage your site correctly, can reduce the number of users to your social media platform.  Avoiding the top five social media pitfalls for your dental practice can help you achieve your desired goals.

1. Trying to use every social media platform. 

One of the most common social media pitfalls is trying to be everywhere at one time. When you are overextended on all the sites; poor management and input occurs.  You do not want to waste your time and money on sites that may have a limited number of active users. Pick a couple different sites; Twitter and Facebook are two of the more popular social media platforms. Let patients know about your site, by giving page detailed handouts, brochures, or magnets.  By having your social presence known by your existing clients, you can begin to build a following.

2.  No communication or limited interaction with users on the site.

The best way to succeed on social media platforms is to be present.  Communication is a vital component for achieving the desired outcome of your site. Set aside a specific period of time from your schedule to interact on the social media sites.  When you take the time respond and connect with followers on your site, you are building a sense of trust which goes beyond the office. Interaction on the site can lead to referrals which can drive your dental practice into a thriving business.

3. The site has limited information about you and your practice.

You do not have to provide every little detail about your personal life or limit your site to dental procedures.  Being yourself on the site can help people connect with you. 

  • Include a blog which explains how you got into the field of dentistry. 

  • Discuss your community charitable events.  If you are participating in the recent 5 mile run for a charitable cause, discuss the reasoning behind your entrance in the race. Serving your community and sharing the experience on social media shows you are a charitable person.

  • Video greetings during holidays, summer time or just for fun can add a personal touch. A person viewing the video greeting will stay on the page longer. People respond to visual media; videos are often shared on other pages which will provide more exposure to your dental practice.

  • Wish your staff members a happy birthday or congratulate them on a personal achievement.  The personal touch will show clients you care about your staff.  The small details will show clients your personal side.

  • If you are uncertain what to include on your page, post history facts or vintage photos about dentistry throughout the years. Active users on your page will share the information with others.

  • Educate your followers on daily habits that may have a negative effect on dental health.

4.  Failing to ask for customer reviews.

When a patient is grateful for a dental service, ask for reviews.  By asking for an evaluation from a patient who is happy about the dental work will increase the positive reviews on your networking page.  People are always more than willing to post negative comments or reviews.  For example, if you were able to fix a child’s broken tooth on a tight schedule, ask the parent for a review.  The parent will be more than happy to share the positive experience of your dental work.  The simplest procedure may bring you more clients if a positive review is wrote on social media.  The best way to outnumber these negative comments is through positive customer reviews.

5. Failure to link the social page with your professional website.

Social media platforms are a great way to expand your business through the word-of-mouth referral system. You should also have a professional website to show potential new clients you are a well-informed dental practice which uses the latest technology to improve the dental visit.

People can view going to the dentist as a negative experience. For many a trip to the dentist is done during an emergency due to a toothache or tooth loss, adding a personal touch to your dentist practice can keep the negative outlook at a minimum.  A potential client may view your social media information; decide to visit to your practice prior to an emergency. The experience can change the outlook of your dental practice. Avoiding social media pitfalls for your dental practice can help reduce patient negativity, bringing you more clients.


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