Instantly Re-book Cancelled Dental Appointments
Instantly Re-book Cancelled Dental Appointments
You heard that right. No more empty chairs! Eliminate dental no-shows and save an average of $30,000 on cancelled appointments with Kancld. I am hosting a live walk-thru of the process on Monday, January 9th. Register here:

Instantly Rebook Cancelled Appointments

Instantly Rebook Cancelled Appointments

1/6/2023 11:03:22 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 121

Don’t you wish filling those empty appointments in your schedule could be as easy as filling in teeth? 


Kancld is a cutting-edge platform that empowers you to efficiently fill your empty appointments - even the last-minute ones! 


Join Darren Kaberna founder of AMP this Monday for a live walkthrough of Kancld. Register at: 


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