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Key Components of a Successful Workplace

Key Components of a Successful Workplace

2/27/2023 6:18:18 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 61

One of the key components of a successful workplace is a thriving team environment. But how do you engage a disengaged team? Robyn Reis, Director of Hiring and VP of Coaching for All-Star Dental Academy, offers valuable tips on how to achieve this.

As a certified HR consultant with Ben Erickson and Associates and a faculty member at the Pankey Institute, Robyn has helped hundreds of practices with practice administration, marketing, HR, hiring, and team culture.

In this podcast episode of the Dental All-Stars Podcast, Robyn reveals what “Thriving at Work” means and how it affects the ability to succeed in a practice.

Here’s a summary of Robyn’s advice on engaging a disengaged team and her tips for thriving at work. With Robyn’s guidance, you can create an enjoyable and productive atmosphere for everyone in your workplace.

What does thriving at work mean?

According to Robyn, thriving at work means having the ability to enjoy the people you work with, have meaningful and enjoyable work, opportunities for growth and learning, and a sense of well-being. It also means being energized and motivated by your work, which isn’t always the case in dental offices or other workplaces.

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