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Press Release – Human Trafficking Prevention Training for Healthcare Professionals

Press Release – Human Trafficking Prevention Training for Healthcare Professionals

8/1/2023 6:00:00 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 79

Human Trafficking Prevention Training for Healthcare Professionals 

Over the last several weeks, Human Trafficking has found a place in the national spotlight and, as divided as we find ourselves in developing a solution to this horrific issue, the topic simply cannot be placed on a “back burner” any longer. With trafficking incidents rising across the country, many states and localities, as well as industries, have begun to provide education to their employees on how to recognize, prevent and react to these incidents. 

In the hope of aiding healthcare professionals, Smart Training (a leading provider of online OSHA and HIPAA compliance services) has recently developed a Human Trafficking Prevention for Healthcare Professionals training program that will be offered at no cost throughout the month of August. 

Human Trafficking is a blight on our society and by providing this crucial content, we hope to make an impact in the lives of others and in the community at large. Our Human Trafficking Prevention program is currently in the Health and Human Services “application process” in the State of Texas and Florida to become an approved provider of this “trauma informed” and “survivor reviewed” material. 

Presently, our course offers 90 minutes (about 1 and a half hours) of continuing education credit (AGD/PACE) and a course completion certification. The program has been thoughtfully created in order to educate and destigmatize survivors. Upon completion, viewers will have the knowledge to: 

  • Recognize and identify scenarios in which human trafficking may be occurring,
  • Understand the communications skills required to address potential trafficking victims,
  • Awareness of the sensitivities of victims and potential trigger points,
  • Contact emergency services and document trafficking in the healthcare setting,
  • Raise awareness and work with community leaders and programs to understand the services available to victims and survivors alike.

We hope that you will choose to join us anytime and from any location for our online Human Trafficking Prevention for Healthcare Professionals training module. With your help, we can make an impact and stop the continuation of this terrible issue! 

Click the link below to get free access to this course throughout August.

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