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Retargeting:  Dental Marketing's Newest Frontier

Retargeting: Dental Marketing's Newest Frontier

2/19/2015 7:51:01 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 548

98% of Visitors to Your Website Leave Without Calling Your Office for An Appointment: Retargeting Facebook and Google (The New Frontier in Dental Marketing) Brings Them Back

The Statistics: 98% of prospective patients who are “shopping” for a Dentist will leave your website without contacting your office to schedule an appointment.  Retargeting Facebook and Google (the New frontier in Dental marketing) brings them (an average of 17-27%) back – resulting in substantial increases in your new patient traffic. 

72% of millennial shoppers (ages 20 – 32) and 67% of Gen Xers (ages 33 – 54) are favorable to retargeting. The current economic downtown (don’t believe the falsified numbers put out by the current administration) coupled with the highly competitive world of Dentist SEO and Dental marketing, RETARGETING is one of the most powerful and effective forms of generating quality new patient traffic for your practice. 

Practice Management Companies and Dental Marketers are always promising higher ROI, greater patient retention, easier patient acquisition, and higher average case fees… if you’re like the majority of Dentists… these are things you really want.  So with all the dental marketing “noise” and the empty/broken promises that abound today is it still possible for you get all of those things and more?

The answer to that question is a resounding YES and here’s a one-word solution: Retargeting.

To Get Your Dental Marketing Program Firing On All Eight Cylinders Here’s What Needs to Change: Start retargeting if you haven’t.  Increase retargeting spend if you already retarget.

The idea behind retargeting is simple:  Visitors to your website will see your ads and promotions… AFTER they leave your website!

Growth Hacker Central discusses how Retargeting can dramatically improve your dental marketing efforts and generate substantial increases in quality new patient traffic for your dental practice

Huh?  How is that possible?  Read on!

Retargeting provides a highly focused method of gaining new patients, or converting prospective new patients (who visited your website and left) into scheduled new patients and recovering lost patients that have long-since disappeared from your practice. 

Once you think about and really understand the beauty of it, retargeting becomes an obvious technique to add to your Dental marketing strategy list and your overall Growth Hacking Plan for your practice.

With RETARGETING, the only people who will see your ads (unlike with newspaper, radio, yellow pages, direct mail and traditional banner ads online) are prospective new, existing and/or inactive patients.  They have ALL proven that they are interested by the fact that they visited your website. By presenting your offers to them again and again (after they have left your website) you’ll win a lot of them back. 

Growth Hacker Central discusses how Retargeting can dramatically improve your dental marketing efforts and generate substantial increases in quality new patient traffic for your dental practice

So WHAT IS RETARGETING THEN?  In a nutshell… Retargeting works simply:  Each time a visitor lands on your Dentist Website, a small bit of code (called “cookies”) is placed on their device.  

When they leave and visit other sites, your Retargeting Ads will display on sites they visit moving forward.  This means that only QUALIFIED prospects will see your ads and promotions, unlike traditional banner ads which are shown to anyone and everyone (not a very effective approach these days).

I have used retargeting and remarketing with success for Growth Hacker Central and for the Dental Marketing University, as are more and more Dentists today as they’re quickly realizing that Retargeting is a dental marketing strategy that does what it’s supposed to… deliver MORE quality new patient appointments for your practice… affordably and profitably.

If you would like to know more about how Retargeting can increase your new patient appointment traffic and increase your profitability please contact Ken Newhouse (that's me) using our secure online contact us form. If you want to schedule a phone consultation with me, please click here to schedule.

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