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Consultant Tip: 53 Ways to Create Exceptional Customer Service

3/5/2015 2:21:09 PM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 306

53 Tips to Create Exceptional Customer Service



  1. Track referrals to your office and acknowledge those that refer. If you state guidelines allow a patient referral program implement one.
  2. Wow Letters to patients from staff members
  3. Communicate to patients via email. Send them practice updates or special offers
  4. Always return calls
  5. Set up a Facebook and Twitter account
  6. Send holiday cards and birthday cards
  7. Provide a bag with canned soup, water and tea bag after long appointments/surgery
  8. Thank referring doctors
  9. Thank referring patients
  10. Make Post Operative Treatment Calls
  11. Send Welcome letters
  12. Send No Cavity Letters and certificates
  13. Implement a No Cavity Club
  14. Use the patient's name
  15. Make it easy for patients to pay by offering payment options
  16. Tell the patients what will happen if they don’t get the recommended treatment
  17. Stay on schedule, don't keep patients waiting
  18. Encourage patients to come back and stay on schedule with recall
  19. Utilize a private room for consultations and private conversations
  20. Spend time educating patients
  21. Notice patient behaviors and run to upset patients to improve the situation
  22. Seat patients upright when talking to them about their treatment
  23. Use eye contact
  24. Train assistants to stay with patients while they are in the chair
  25. Train assistants to comfort and assure patients
  26. Have televisions in the operatories and reception room
  27. Keep a list of Requested Times to fill last minute openings
  28. Keep the office décor updated
  29. Stay up to date with technology
  30. Be empathetic
  31. Have patients sign treatment plans in advance of the appointment
  32. Make financial arrangements in advance of the appointment
  33. Be prepared to greet patients by name and stand up to greet them with they enter the office
  34. Be active in your community
  35. Have a website
  36. Deliver good dentistry
  37. Have updated magazines in the reception room
  38. Offer refreshments to patients
  39. Create good relationships with patients, find something to admire in each one
  40. Have a Mission statement and share it with patients
  41. Have doctor call new patients to welcome them to the practice
  42. Give flowers to moms the week before Mother’s Day
  43. Give roses to the ladies on Valentine’s Day
  44. Have a solid recall system
  45. File insurance for patients
  46. Have a live person answering the phone
  47. Purchase name tags for the staff
  48. Offer complimentary umbrellas to patients on rainy days
  49. Give lip balm with the practice name to hygiene patients
  50. Encourage staff to promote the doctor
  51. Consider new patient gifts
  52. Have a suggestion box for patients
  53. Create trust with your patients


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