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Consultant Tip: Appropriate Terminology for Technical Staff

3/9/2015 12:45:57 PM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 270

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Appropriate Terminology


(Author, Unknown)

In order to help our patients feel more comfortable, the following terminology guide has been developed. Keep a copy of this and review it occasionally to refresh yourself.

Especially for the Technical Staff











“My Assistant”

“My girl”

“Reshape” or “recontour”


“Restoration that has outlived its usefulness”

“Old filling”


“Tooth pulled or extraction”

“Necessary x-rays”

“Full mouth or bitewings”

“Empty your mouth”


“Treatment restoration or dressing”

“Temporary filling”

“Improved method”

“New or modern”

“Repair the tooth”


“Complete dentistry”


“Primary teeth”

“Baby teeth”

“Early loss”

“Premature loss”



“Inform or tell the patient”

“Educate the patient”


“Check up”

“How do you feel about this?”

“Do you understand?”

“Complete mouth series”

“Full mouth”







“Light touch”

“High speed”





“Diagnostic models”

“Study models”

“This will cause a slight sensation or discomfort for only a moment”

“This will hurt only for a moment”

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