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Consultant Tip: Sure-Fire Ways to Grow Your Practice

Consultant Tip: Sure-Fire Ways to Grow Your Practice

3/9/2015 12:47:33 PM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 358
  1. There is a strong leader and a solid ethical team.
  2. Patients are thanked for referring others to the practice.
  3. They are organized and have real-world systems that give predictability to their schedule.
  4. Duties are divided and staff know what they are responsible for.
  5. All members of the team are good communicators and know how to promote the practice
  6. They know how to control patient upsets; they run directly to upset patients, not from them.
  7. The doctor enjoys being a dentist and every aspect of it, including running a business.
  8. There is no pack leader (or alpha dog). Negative energy works against success.
  9. The practice has production goals for each provider.
  10. The practice has a vision and goals that the team created together.
  11. Patients receive post-operative treatment calls.
  12. The office sends baby gifts, sympathy cards and congratulation cards to patients.
  13. They take before and after photographs.
  14. Gift certificates are offered for portraits after cosmetic dentistry.
  15. The person answering the phone is one of the most skilled in communicating. Many times offices put the least skilled “new girl” as receptionist; big mistake.
  16. Someone is appointed to be the senior over the schedule. In other words, you have appointed someone to be in charge of it to make sure everything is scheduled where it should be. There is someone is working to make sure doctor and hygienist is NOT standing around, temporarily unemployed and the practice goals are being met.
  17. The office is updated and clean [yes, clean bathrooms are important]. The outdoor sign looks sharp and the building looks fresh.
  18. The phones are answered by real people during regular business hours.
  19. They personally call to confirm patients because they know that the tone of voice and patient reaction (to the confirmation call) is key.
  20. Score is kept. Each team member reports at staff meetings, which are held every single month without fail.
  21. Doctor is the boss and is not letting staff tell him/her what to buy and when to take off work.
  22. They know that patients will always think about and compare their practice with previous dental visits; they use that to their advantage.
  23. There is a staff album in the reception room.
  24. There aren’t a lot of rules for the prospective patient when they call the office. These practices get the patient in fast and don’t try to change their viewpoint and educate them over the phone.
  25. The office is service oriented. The team is aware of the importance of internal marketing and they have a plan. They are getting a majority of new patients by referral, which is the true measurement of how well they are doing regarding service.
  26. The office has a practice brochure.
  27. Quarterly newsletters, birthday cards and Christmas cards are sent to patients.
  28. The doctor is aware of overhead and how much money he is making.
  29. The office expenses are under control.
  30. The team takes CE on a regular basis.


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