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Tips For Dentists and Dental Industry News
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Five Ways to Market Your Practice

Five Ways to Market Your Practice

11/19/2015 12:47:40 PM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 122

Dentists have a lot of competition. You can find a new practice on every street corner. How do patients know the right dentist for them? How do dentists attract patients to their offices rather than their competitors? The answer is marketing. Through proper marketing, patients get to know your practice and decide if you are right for them and you get to bring in new business. What should you do to market your business? Here are five ways you can market your practice.

  1. Online marketing. Today, you have to be online or you will be missing a lot of patients. People go to their computers or smart phones to find everything. If they need a dentist, they will search for a dentist in their neighborhood. You can make sure they find your practice by ensuring that your online marketing is top-notch. You need a high-converting website, reviews on health websites and Google, social media postings and search engine optimization. You also might want to place ads on Facebook, Google or Bing. The more ways your website and name are visible, the more likely patients will find you.

  2. Blogs. Writing a blog will let people know about your practice. You should pick topics that mean something to you the writer and to your patients the readers. You can write about teeth issues or ideas that relate to teeth but are about other topics generally. For example, you could link the holidays to your practice. This would be interesting to the reader and still talk about your practice.

  3. Special events. You can either attend special events or hold special events. It is important for dentists to be seen in the community. They have to show they are part of a larger community beyond their small world. If you want to attract patients, you need to go where they are. You could have a booth at community health fairs, offer to take pictures with the tooth fairy at summer events or provide free examinations for people in your neighborhood. If you decide you want to hold a special event, you could offer a food or clothing drive for the poor in your community. You could offer to clean teeth for free for the poor in your community for one day where you get sponsors to cover the costs. You could raise money for a charity through a golf event. You also could have an open house with appetizers and cookies. This would ensure people come to your practice and see it. With each of these events, you want to send a press release to local media. Make sure you send it two weeks before the event.

  4. Door hangers and postcards. Like pizza places, you could create a door hanger to put on homes in your neighborhood. You can create postcards to mail to everyone in your Zip code. If people need special treatments, such as teeth whitening, they would see the door hanger or postcard and go to your practice. Even if they don’t visit your practice, the postcard acts as a written reminder of who you are and what you do. This is important for any marketing campaign. The more times you get in front of people in as many ways as possible the more they will want to buy from you.

  5. Networking. Professionals, such as doctors and dentists, don’t always think they need to network. However, networking is about building relationships, not making sales. You want to build trust in other businesses, so they will refer you when someone they know needs a dentist. According to statistics, people have a sphere of influence of 200 others. Some of those might need your services.

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