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Crown and Bridge Marketing by the Dental Hygienist

Crown and Bridge Marketing by the Dental Hygienist

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Crown and Bridge Marketing by Dental Hygienist


Dental hygienists are usually the first ones to see a patient with chief complaints.  These may include fractured teeth, caries, spaces created by missing teeth or defective anterior restoration, all of which can be restored by crowns, inlays, onlays or bridges. 

The Hygienist can potentially “sell” 75 to 80 percent of the crown and bridge to our existing patients in the office.  It is done by discussing this with the patient during the prophy appointment before the doctor examines the patient.  This could also include the disadvantages of silver amalgam (this persuades the intelligent patient to restore with gold which is the healthiest and most compatible material with the mouth).  Not only is it healthier for the patient in the long run, but it is also more productive to the office.  After the doctor examines the patient, it is much easier and less time-consuming to schedule for crown and bridge because the Hygienist has already prepared the patient!   


The patient has multiple composite resins on the anterior teeth.

Hygienist:  “Some really nice characterized porcelain crowns would really look great up there!  Etc., etc.”

The patient is missing one or more posterior teeth.

Hygienist:  “Have you ever considered replacing your missing teeth with a fixed bridge?  It’s great!  It’s fixed permanently in your mouth like your natural teeth.  This stabilizes your bite and prevents tilting of the adjoining teeth.  There’s not taking it in and out daily.  There aren’t any clasps either!  It looks just like your natural teeth, too.”

The patient needs an amalgam or inlay for operative.

Hygienist:  “Have you ever considered a gold inlay or onlay instead of a silver filling?  It’s like a gold filling; it doesn’t fracture or break down like a silver amalgam or a composite. Gold is the best restorative material there is, and of course, most dentists have it in their mouth.  It’s the best in the long run because there’s no risk to your health and it protects your tooth more than any other restoration.”

Only crown and bridge examples are given here, but we of course are talking about all other procedures that a patient needs.

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