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#5 Legend Trek- Treatment Planning Part 1

#5 Legend Trek- Treatment Planning Part 1

4/24/2017 6:26:10 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 156

#5 Treatment Planning Part 1
On today's episode we'll discuss the foundation of our treatment planning system. 

Much of the information in the podcast comes from Don Barden, author of The Perfect Plan. It starts with 3 lessons:
Social Buyers Pyramid
Who's in charge?
Facts vs Emotion (emotion is 85% and most important as complexity increases)
The Top 1% are servants before anything else and ask, "Is it right for them personally, professionally, and in their conscience?"

It is followed by 3 promises:
Education (3 things only)
Ease of Doing Business

These must concede with 3 Beliefs:
I am here to create not compete
My value is greater than my price. 
I always give "forward". 

As always, email amy@glacierdental.com with any questions. 

See you next time on Legend Trek's Dental Practice Compass! 
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