Legend Trek's Daily Dental Declaration
Legend Trek's Daily Dental Declaration
A Daily Declaration to positively impact your world, reach your God-given potential, and leave a legacy!
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#7-Legend Trek-Treatment Planning Part 2
#7 Treatment Planning Part 2 This is part 2 of our Treatment Planning Series: Values: Function, Comfort, Cosmetic, Longevity Concerns: Fear, Time, Budget, No Trust The book I couldn't quite think of in the episode is a small...  Read More
#6- Legend Trek- Team Cast- You Inc
#6 You Inc Welcome to another episode of The Dental Practice Compass. On this Team Cast Episode we'll discuss You Incorporated! Key Take-aways: You as the employee are CEO of You (your name) Inc. Your Employer is your only...  Read More
#5 Legend Trek- Treatment Planning Part 1
#5 Treatment Planning Part 1 On today's episode we'll discuss the foundation of our treatment planning system. Much of the information in the podcast comes from Don Barden, author of The Perfect Plan. It starts with 3 lessons:...  Read More
#4 Legend Trek Smart Cut- Check Exercise
#4 Check Exercise Today's episode is our first Smart Cut episode on the topic of The Check Exercise. I wanted to get this out to you right away when the thought was fresh in my mind so I didn't edit out my family and our animals...  Read More
#3 Legend Trek- Meeting Rhythms
Meeting Rhythyms Meetings don't suck. We just suck at running them. A well run meeting can fuel your future. The Meeting Rhythms you must commit to scale your company are: Morning Huddle, Weekly Team Lead Meeting, Monthly Staff...  Read More
#2 Legend Trek- The Dynamic Dozen of Dental Marketing
Real #2- Dynamic Dozen 12 Musts for Marketing Magic (internal and external), and the systems and marketing tips of the day! For a copy of The Dynamic Dozen of Dental Marketing or any practice or show related questions:...  Read More
#1 Legend Trek- Introduction
Real Podcast #1 The first episode of The dental Practice Compass! In this episode my intention was to introduce myself (Dr. Wyn Steckbauer), Legend Trek, and The Dental Practice Compass, give you a sense of why we are...  Read More
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