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5 Dental Practice Online Marketing Strategies to Get More Patients On Your Site

5 Dental Practice Online Marketing Strategies to Get More Patients On Your Site

7/31/2017 9:42:32 PM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 114

If you want to grow your dental business, it’s crucial to have both a real life and online presence. But if you are not aware of the certain tools and ways to grow your business then you will not truly be successful.

As a dental practice, you may already be doing all the right things to build your audiences and increase traffic to your website, but may not be getting the results you want. If this is you, read on below 5 dental practice online marketing strategies to finally the traffic you want:

1. Make Yourself Visible on Local Search Results.

Who doesn’t want their business to be listed on top of the search results on major search engines? When that day happens, you know you are doing something right. Though, that may be a great accomplishment, you still want the right kind of traffic from patients nearby.

So how do you make this happen? You need to first build citations for your business. Make sure your dental business is accurately listed in as many online directories as possible. This will not only drive you traffic from potential dental patients all over, but drive traffic from local residents as well.

2. Create a Blog or Guest Post Other Blogs.

If you create insightful with useful information blog posts you will definitely drive more traffic to your site. Share detailed and informative posts that will easily attract current and even new patients as well.

Another way to achieve traction to your site is to guest post on other relevant blogs. This will not only drive exposure to your site but will allow you to provide great content for the blog at the same time.

3. Utilize Video Marketing.

It’s no secret that videos are a very effective tool in this generation. Though, like blogs, videos can take a ton of time and effort to produce high-quality and professional looking videos, however, video will totally generate those numbers you are looking for. Think about it. Who wants to be reading a 5 page informative paper, when they can just watch and listen to what you have to say in a 3 to 5 minute video?

Be creative and informative when you make these videos for your business. Who knows, you might be the next big viral video currently trending - and will definitely drive more traffic and more customers in no time!

4. Create Infographics with Useful Information.

Like videos, who doesn’t like to refer to photos for facts over reading a 5 page informative paper? Infographics are visually appealing to the eyes, and can certainly be very informative at the same time!

Once you have put together some detailed infographics together, make sure you share these with your patients on your social media platforms and blog! This will totally start a conversation and maybe even a few re-posts as well.

5. Get Your Social Game On.

No matter what type of business you are, we hope you already have a few social media profiles up and running! Social media nowadays is the key to success; to get your business known, bring awareness, etc. Some of the best and effective profiles for dental practices are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. These social media profiles will allow you to drive additional traffic to your site - so make sure you are sharing your website content and blog posts when they go up live!

Utilizing the hashtag method will also allow you to attract and bring in new patients that are not currently following you as well.

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