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OSHA Fines North TX Dentist $5900 for Lack of Timely Staff Training

OSHA Fines North TX Dentist $5900 for Lack of Timely Staff Training

1/17/2018 3:27:42 PM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 137
 OSHA recently fined a North Texas dental practice over $5,900 for two different violations of the Bloodborne Pathogens standard. OSHA asserted that the practice did not offer employees the opportunity to be tested after a needle stick injury and that the practice did not train their employees BEFORE the employees’ initial assignments. 

These violations bring light to bear on two situations that we have seen way to often in the over 700 dental practices that we’ve inspected around the country:
  1. Use of improper PPE – In more offices than we’d like to count, employees refuse to wear utility gloves when they are working in the sterilization area. This one simple change can prevent many needlestick injuries.
  3. Employees do not receive the training required for their job description in a timely manner; ie – OSHA requires that employees be trained BEFORE their initial assignments. Once you understand that a large number of accidents occur during the first month or so on the job, it makes perfect sense that an employee should receive their safety training before they begin work.
Violations such as the ones listed above are senseless and simple to rectify, yet we see them over and over and over again in the field. Perhaps it bears reminding all healthcare workers of this simple fact: According to the Hepatitis Branch of the CDC, an estimated 12,000 healthcare workers exposed to blood become infected by HBV each year, 500-600 are hospitalized, and approximately 250 of them die from acute or chronic consequences.

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