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Forget About Getting Likes On Facebook, Here's What To Do Instead w/Infographic

Forget About Getting Likes On Facebook, Here's What To Do Instead w/Infographic

4/8/2014 8:14:57 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 17367
It’s likely that you’ve been told by one or more Dentist marketing experts (DME’s) and/or practice management companies (PMC’s) that the key to success on Facebook is to get as many likes as possible.  After thinking about it you say to yourself… “Well, that makes sense to me.  Let’s start working on that right away.”

So the first course of action your DME/PMC takes might be to start by first asking your staff, your patients and then your friends and family members if they will throw a “like” your way.  Your DME/PMC might even ask your staff, family members and friends to “ask their friends and acquaintances to do the same.   This effort generates some likes… but not as many as you want.  

If you’re like some of my new Dentist clients, your DME/PMC might have even gone so far as to tell you to start buying likes from Facebook. Your DME/PMC may have instructed your office manager and/or one of your assistants to start liking as many pages as they can and (going a deeper towards the bottom of the barrel) tell them to leave a promotional message on the timelines of those individuals who “liked” to like you back.

Your DME/PMC may have also told you to join “Fan Page Friday”, registering and listing your page so that you can get more “likes”.  Of course, few (if any) of these “likes” will be from individuals who are even remotely qualified to be your patients.

Unbelievably, some of you are instructed by your DME/PMC to pay Facebook for really cheap “likes”… because it’s an inexpensive way to jack up your “like” count.  Problem is, is that ALMOST NONE OF THESE “LIKES” will come from people that live in America. 

You may have tried one or more of these tactics because your DME/PMC believes that having more Facebook likes is going to translate into having more new patients call your office. 

More likes equals new patients each month? How?

Maybe your DME/PMC thinks that having more likes will lead to more social proof for your practice – and if they did, to some degree they’d be right.

It’s a safe bet that a prospective new patient is probably going to choose the doctor with 5,000 likes versus his competitor that only has 57 “likes” when she’s trying to decide which Dentist to make an appointment with.  Columbus Ohio Cosmetic Dentist Terry L. Hughes DDS understands and implements this strategy beautifully.

Maybe these aren’t the best tactics to use for generating “likes” on Facebook… but they’re kind of OK, right?  After all… they’re can’t possibly hurt me, right?

Wrong. Many of these tactics for generating Facebook likes can actually harm your professional reputation, but that’s not the end of it.  You can also ruin your ability to generate quality new patients from ad targeting…

And then it happens…

Argh! I Don’t Have Enough Facebook Likes!

You’re on Facebook to do a bit of ‘competitive research’ and to your horror you discover that your nearest competitor has 5,000 likes on her page!

Her new patient traffic and production must be going through the roof!  She’s doing Facebook right because we only 57 likes! I’ve got to find out which company does her Facebook marketing so I can benefit too.

First of all, you have NO IDEA whether your competitor is generating tons of new patient traffic as a result of having all those Facebook likes. 

Secondly, generating quality new patient traffic each month is what you want most, so you can forget about using those ineffective strategies for getting “Likes” on Facebook. 

Here’s what to do instead…

In the infographic below I reveal three powerful Facebook “Growth Hacking”
strategies that will help maximize your ability to generate MORE authentic
“Likes” and (more importantly) substantially improve your ability to
generate MORE quality new patients each month from Facebook.

Growth Hacking Your Dental Practice is substantially different from the existing
Dentist Marketing and Dentist SEO strategies you may have tried.  An expert
Growth Hacker can write code, create apps, is an expert with OpenSource
(ex: Wordpress) , an expert in Human Behavior & Persuasion, Platform API's,
Product Development, Direct Response Marketing, SEO, can create effective
Dental marketing strategies, systems and tools for implementation in the
Dynamic Decision-Cycle of the Generation "C" (connected) Consumer.


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