Survive Hygiene Burnout
Hygienist Jodie Heimbach discusses why you should reinvest in yourself to stay excited and fulfilled in your hygiene career
by Jodie Heimbach, RDH, BS
2022 Articles
That’s Not What I Learned in School: Challenging Old Practices and Integrating New Techniques
Science is a moving target, and when we graduate, we are notoriously behind the new techniques and information for patient treatment. If you have ever uttered the sentences; “but that’s not what I...
Ms. Michelle Strange
CE Credits: 1.5
Be an Inventive Hygienist!
The designer of the Kona adaptor explains how he brought his product to market—and you can, too
Mark Frias, RDH
2020 Articles
Dental Care for the Neurological Patient
Neurological patients make up the largest percentage of patients with non-developmental disabilities. This course provides insight into the oral hygiene challenges they present, from the beginning of...
Ms. Cindy Kleiman
CE Credits: 1.5
8 Tips for Thriving on Change!
For positive transitions in your office, go beyond your comfort zone
by Linda Douglas, RDH, BSc.
2018 Articles
Are You Staying Ahead of the Ultrasonic Curve?
This course details how ultrasonic scaling technology can be used for more than the removal of moderate to heavy calculus, and discusses how to implement ultrasonic practices to remove light calculus...
Dani Botbyl, RDH
CE Credits: 1.5
Dental Hygiene Instruments...What’s Hot, What’s Not, you be the Judge.
Your selection of instruments reflects upon your level of experience, professional confidence, clinical knowledge, and most significantly, the decisions your instructors made for you when they chose...
Judy Bendit RDH.
CE Credits: 1.5
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