Star Wars School of Dentistry
Star Wars School of Dentistry
A podcast dedicated to improved oral health in the Star Wars galaxy!

#50 - What Would (Darth Vader) Say?
Daily and weekly, dental professionals are put in situations where we may not know what to say or how to react. On Episode 50, find out how some of our favorite Star Wars characters may respond to a variety of patient comments and actions. Also, learn how we as dental professionals should respond....  Read More
#48 - R2-D2 and Burnout in Dentistry
R2-D2 is the unsung hero of Star Wars, but even he experienced burnout. Burnout is a major issue in dentistry, but there are ways to prevent it and recover from it. Join Star Wars School of Dentistry to discuss the symptoms and causes of burnout. We will also discuss prevention techniques and ways...  Read More
#46 - Lando Calrissian and the Business of Dentistry
Lando Calrissian learned to be a responsible businessman after he was a smuggler and swindler. And then he became a hero in the Rebel Alliance. After dental school, many dentists become practice owners with very little business experience, but can become heroes in their own right. Join Star Wars...  Read More
#31 - I'm Here To Put You Back On Schedule
Not every dental office has Darth Vader to help put it back on schedule, so the Star Wars School of Dentistry is here to help. What are some ways that dental offices can stay on schedule? And what are some things that patients can do to make sure they are seen on time? Join the Star Wars School of...  Read More
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