Star Wars School of Dentistry
Star Wars School of Dentistry
A podcast dedicated to improved oral health in the Star Wars galaxy!

#48 - R2-D2 and Burnout in Dentistry
R2-D2 is the unsung hero of Star Wars, but even he experienced burnout. Burnout is a major issue in dentistry, but there are ways to prevent it and recover from it. Join Star Wars School of Dentistry to discuss the symptoms and causes of burnout. We will also discuss prevention techniques and ways...  Read More
#43 - Saw Gerrera and CPAP Dry Mouth
Saw Gerrera fought against the Separatists and the Galactic Empire, but how can he fight against dry mouth caused by his oxygen mask. Join Star Wars School of Dentistry to discuss ways to fight dry mouth caused by CPAP machines. No lies. No deception.  Whether you are a Star Wars fan, a dental...  Read More
#38 - Maz Kanata and Magnification
Maz Kanata was the pirate queen and collected many trinkets and treasures during her journeys through the Star Wars galaxy. Also, she has seen many things in the galaxy with the help of her magnification glasses. Join Star Wars School of Dentistry to discuss the benefits and disadvantages of...  Read More
#21 - Qui-Gon Jinn and Spiritual Strength
Qui-Gon Jinn had a strong connection to the Force and a strong interest in helping others in the galaxy. He epitomized spiritual strength. What can dental professionals learn from Qui-Gon about spiritual stength and becoming part of something greater than ourselves?  Whether you are a Star Wars...  Read More
#20 - Rey and Mental Strength
Rey used her mental strength to help defeat and redeem Kylo Ren, to destroy Palpatine, and to become a leader in the Resistance. Why is mental strength important for dentists and how can dentists improve theirs? Join Star Wars School of Dentistry to discuss the stresses of dentistry and ways to...  Read More
#19 - Anakin Skywalker and Physical Strength
Anakin Skywalker's physical fitness and strength were definite advantages during his time as a Jedi, but in what ways is physical fitness beneficial to dental professionals? Join Star Wars School of Dentistry for tips on maintaining a long, successful dental career with good physical fitness. ...  Read More
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