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Dr. Mark Costes is a full time practicing dentist who was able to build six successful dental practices in his first seven years in the profession. He is the founder of the Dental Success Institute as well as the Horizon Schools of Dental Assisting.
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175: Your Last Day of Clinical Dentistry Imagine it’s your very last day of clinical dentistry. You rack your handpiece, take your foot off of the rheostat and walk out of the operatory. You’ve finally...  Read More
174: Effective Associate “Onboarding” What is your current method for training an incoming associate doctor? For most practices, training a doctor that’s new to the practice involves nothing more than...  Read More
173: Exponential Growth- It Ain’t All Sunshine and Rainbows “Nothing worth having comes easy.” This eternally appropriate quote comes from Theodore Roosevelt and it’s a mantra that I’ve...  Read More
172: The Whirlwind, Start-Ups, and Hacks for Inexpensive Expansion We get tons of “mail.” Emails, IM’s, fb messages, voice messages, texts… Sometimes, the volume is so great that we can’t...  Read More
171: Norman Gelfand – Knowledge-Based Negotiation “Everything is Negotiable.” “There is no such thing as a standard commercial real estate contract.” Whether of not you agree with these two...  Read More
170: Driving Progress with Effective AM Meetings My morning huddles have evolved quite a bit in the last 15 years. They’ve gone from practically non-existent to a much more refined, efficient and effective process....  Read More
169: Who is Policing Dental Insurance Companies? Is our perpetual struggle with dental insurance companies a fair fight? Most would agree it’s not. Simply put, as physicians of the oral cavity, we are held to a...  Read More
168: Building Your Empire Through Practice Acquisition “Without shortcomings or errors and beyond criticism.” That is’s definition of Bulletproof. And while we all know that it’s...  Read More
167: Heidi Arndt – 7 Keys to a Wildly Profitable Hygiene Department One of the most important decisions that I made early on in my career was to surround myself with people that were smarter than me. When it comes...  Read More
166: How to Find, Hire and Keep an A-Team One of the most predictable determinants of an elite dental practice is an exceptional team. But if you’ve been involved in the dental practice game for any length of time,...  Read More
165: Double Your Income without Increasing Production How would it feel to double your take home income without doing any additional dentistry? In this episode of the Dentalpreneur Podcast, you’ll hear a live...  Read More
164: Increase Case Acceptance, Create Passive Income and Decrease Patient A Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most profoundly effective. If you’re not offering in-office membership and savings plans in your...  Read More
163: Are you the Bottleneck in your practice? Billionaire founder of Virgin Group, Richard Branson owns over 400 companies. We’re all given the same 24 hours in a day so how is it that a single person can run such a...  Read More
162: Creating an Effective Onboarding Process You had a vacancy in your team. After months of searching, it looks like you may have finally found just the right fit. Uh oh…now what? If you’re like most...  Read More
161: Dr. Steve Rasner – Multimillion Dollar Protocol I’m a sucker for an underdog story. I love hearing about people who overcame all odds or went from zero to hero through hard work and determination. In this...  Read More
160: How to Make PPO’s Profitable Like it or not, PPO’s are here to stay. In fact, it’s been estimated that over 85% of all private practice owners accept some form of PPO insurance in their offices. In...  Read More
159: This Guy Makes Demographics Sexy Fast food franchises get it. Grocery stores get it. Wal-Mart gets it. The most successful corporate dental chains get it. What do all of the most successful companies understand?...  Read More
158: Dr. Mark Costes – Be a Fly on the Wall at HQ Sometimes the best content flows from spontaneous, unscripted and unplanned riffs. Last week I ambushed Jake Conway in his office and stuck a mic in his face with no...  Read More
157: Execution in the Age of Distraction Never before in the history of human kind has there been a greater volume of free information available on every subject imaginable. But how do you find the right information in a...  Read More
156: Craig Cody – The Dentist Tax Whisperer One of the fastest ways to increase your net income without spending any additional time at the dental chair is by legally decreasing your tax liability. Over the years,...  Read More
155: The Thread that Holds it all Together Overhead and Cash Flow Control. Operational Systemization. Team Culture. Master these three pillars and you will have an exceptional dental practice. But as a practice owner, the...  Read More
154: Dr. Ben Kacos – Killer Team Meetings Done incorrectly, team meetings can be a huge time suck and demoralizing for your team. But if executed well, they can lead to fresh new ideas, practice growth and a...  Read More
153: Dr. Roshan Parikh – Growth at Breakneck Speed Visionaries who actually execute are some of the rarest individuals in the world to find. But occasionally, I get the good fortune to cross paths with one of these...  Read More
152: Dr. Summer Kassmel – Rising from the Ashes This past weekend I had the privilege of spending two full days with some of the smartest, most ambitious and successful dentists that I’ve ever met at our Elite...  Read More
151: Dr. Jesse Green- The Savvy Dentist In a wildly chaotic and competitive marketplace, sometimes it’s nice to be able to quiet the noise and to get back to the basics such as building and maintaining an organized,...  Read More
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